How To File An Uncontested Divorce In Georgia?

The Procedures for Obtaining an Uncontested Divorce in Georgia

  1. Make a list of your information.
  2. Complete the necessary paperwork.
  3. Fill up and submit your paperwork to the court.
  4. Make Payment for Your Filing Fees.
  5. The Complaint must be served.
  6. Financial Disclosures must be completed and exchanged.
  7. Obtain and sign a Settlement Agreement.
  8. If You Are a Parent of Young Children

What are the steps in the divorce process in Georgia?

Process 1: Divorce and remarriage are separated. It is possible for both parties in a divorce to legally divide their divorce into two parts, which is known as bifurcation. 2 Disclosing Financial Assets. In Georgia, each spouse is required to sign a Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit as part of the divorce process, which may be found here (DRFA). 3 The Default of the Spouse.

Can I get a divorce without a lawyer in Georgia?

Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, you may be able to complete the process without the assistance of a divorce attorney, saving yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal costs and expenses. The resources available at have assisted many Georgia citizens in completing their divorces successfully.

How is a Georgia divorce case adjudicated?

The right to a jury trial in Georgia is available to you or your spouse, although the majority of divorce cases are decided by a judge.A judge will also be the sole arbiter on all issues pertaining to child custody and visitation.The ultimate decision on some topics including as asset division, child custody, and spousal maintenance will be made by a court in situations where the spouses are unable to reach an agreement.

Is Georgia a no-fault state for divorce?

Because an employer will no longer contribute any share of the premium, this may be quite expensive. The only disadvantage is that this can be very expensive. It is possible that purchasing health insurance through an exchange, which is part of the Affordable Care Act, is a better alternative. Georgia is a no-fault divorce state as well as a fault-based divorce state.

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How long does it take to get a uncontested divorce in Georgia?

Availability of a courtroom In reality, the vast majority of uncontested divorce cases take between 30 and 60 days to even get to the point of going to court for the first time. If the court determines that a hearing is necessary, the deadline will very certainly be extended much further.

Can I file an uncontested divorce myself in Georgia?

Georgia law grants you the right to represent yourself in any judicial proceeding.You may use this to file for divorce without the assistance of an attorney.There are several things, however, that you should be aware of before filing for a divorce in the first place.There are a number of documents to be created, regulations to be completed, and difficult analysis to be performed in this situation.

Do I have to go to court for uncontested divorce Georgia?

When it comes to finalizing an uncontested divorce, whether you have to go to court or not differs by county, and even by judge. Once the parties have reached a thorough marital dissolution agreement, there are two options for completing the divorce process in Georgia: a final hearing or a Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings.

How much does it cost for an uncontested divorce in Georgia?

Generally, the filing price for an uncontested divorce in Georgia is roughly $200, and for an extra charge, the sheriff or a court-appointed representative can deliver your petition to your husband.

How can I get a divorce without going to court?

  1. Mediation is a common alternative dispute resolution approach.
  2. Collaborative divorce is another type of alternative dispute resolution.
  3. Separation and divorce arbitration are two more tools in the ADR toolbox, and they’re frequently used by couples who don’t feel they’ll be able to settle their disagreement alone but who want someone to determine their difficulties outside of the traditional court procedure.
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Can you get a divorce without the other person signing the papers?

While you are not obliged to get your spouse’s agreement in order to divorce, you are nevertheless obligated to notify your spouse of your plan to file for divorce.

Can I file for divorce online in Georgia?

Divorce applications filed via fax or online are not accepted by the state of Georgia, for obvious reasons. That does not rule out the possibility of initiating an online divorce in Georgia. You will be required to personally file your divorce petition as a result of this decision.

How do I start the divorce process?

How to start a divorce

  1. Step 1 – Are you capable of doing it yourself? It is feasible to conduct your divorce on your own, without the assistance of an attorney.
  2. Step 2: Consult with a family law attorney.
  3. Step 3 – Appear in court.
  4. Step 4: Take care of yourself.

What grounds can you divorce?

  1. What are the legal grounds for divorcing someone? Adultery
  2. Unreasonable behavior is defined as:
  3. Desertion
  4. With approval, a two-year separation is possible.
  5. The separation without permission is five years.

Can you date while separated in GA?

Is it okay for me to date if we are no longer together? The short answer is no, you should not do it. Although there is no legal advantage to dating while going through divorce in Georgia, it is possible that dating or being in another relationship throughout your divorce will have a detrimental impact on your case.

Does it matter who files for divorce first in Georgia?

In most cases, it does not make a significant impact. In the absence of a Complaint for Divorce, the non-filing party has the chance to file an Answer to the Complaint and a Counterclaim for Divorce, both of which request the same items as those sought by the party who did file the Complaint (ex: child custody, child support, alimony, equitable division of property).

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What forms do I need to file for divorce in Georgia?

Petition for Divorce is the primary form you will need to fill out; you will, however, be required to complete a number of additional forms in order to finish the divorce process successfully. Forms such as a Domestic Relations Case Filing Information Form, a Marriage Settlement Agreement, and a Final Judgment and Decree are examples of the types of documents that may be required.

What are the 13 grounds for divorce in the state of Georgia?

A marriage that is irretrievably shattered (no-fault) Adultery is a serious offense (either party; heterosexual or homosexual; indirect evidence allowed) Cruel treatment is defined as ″the purposeful inflicting of bodily or mental agony upon the complaining person in a manner that warrants a reasonable fear of imminent risk to life, limb, or health.″

What is uncontested divorce Georgia?

Uncontested divorces are those in which both parties agree on the conditions of the divorce, such as child custody, asset split, and alimony payments. In a contentious divorce, the parties are unable to reach an agreement and must decide the details of the divorce in court. When filing for divorce, it is strongly advised that you get legal counsel first.

What does uncontested divorce mean?

The term ″uncontested divorce″ refers to a divorce in which both parties have reached an agreement on the grounds for divorce. It is a reasonably rapid and cost-effective method of divorcing when there is no disagreement. An uncontested divorce takes around four to five months from the time the divorce petition is filed with the court until the time you get your decree absolute.

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