Iowa Touches Which State?

The state of Iowa is next to the north on this boundary. Although the Mississippi river separates them, the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Illinois are located to the east. Arkansas is located on the southern border, and Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas are located on the western border.

Iowa is encircled on all sides by the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois to the east, Missouri to the south, Nebraska and South Dakota to the west, and South Dakota and Nebraska to the north.

Where is Iowa in the USA?

The Midwest is home to the state of Iowa, which is ranked as the 26th biggest state in the United States. Significant shifts in the geographic boundaries of Iowa may be traced back to the time when European settlers first settled in the area.

What states border Iowa to the south?

Iowa is surrounded by six different states: to its north is Minnesota, to its east are Wisconsin and Illinois, to its south is Missouri, and to its west are Nebraska and South Dakota. When this question was first asked, what states are Iowa’s neighbors?

What state is closest to Iowa?

It shares its northern border with Minnesota, its eastern border with Wisconsin and Illinois, its southern border with Missouri, and its western border with Nebraska and South Dakota.

Is Illinois next to Iowa?

  1. Iowa is a state located in the Midwest of the United States.
  2. It is surrounded by the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin to the north, Illinois to the east and southeast, Missouri to the south, Nebraska to the west, and South Dakota to the northwest.
  3. Iowa does not have any coastline.
  4. The only state whose eastern and western boundaries are formed entirely by rivers is Iowa, which is located in the Midwest.
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What state comes after Iowa?

It is surrounded by six states: Minnesota to the north, Wisconsin to the northeast, Illinois to the east and southeast, Missouri to the south, Nebraska to the west, and South Dakota to the northwest. Iowa.

Iowa state symbols
Bird Eastern goldfinch
Flower Prairie rose
Tree Bur oak
Inanimate insignia

Does Iowa Touch South Dakota?

The state of Iowa is located to the northeast of South Dakota. Canton and Sioux Falls are only two of the many significant urban centers that may be found on the South Dakota side of the border. Orange City and Le Mars are both examples of communities that may be found on the state of Iowa’s side of the border.

What city is close to Iowa?

Coralville, Cedar Rapids, and Marion are some of the nearby cities to Iowa City. Marion is also in Iowa.

Is Iowa next to Indiana?

Driving from Iowa to Indiana covers a total distance of 457 miles, which is equivalent to 735 kilometers. The overall flight distance from Iowa to Indiana is 393 miles when traveling in a straight line.

Is Iowa close to Kansas?

  1. The distance from Iowa to Kansas, measured in a direct line, is exactly 655 kilometers (kilometers) long and 975.75 meters in height.
  2. When measured in miles, the distance from Iowa to Kansas is 407.6 kilometers.
  3. This is a measure of distance along a straight line; however, the actual travel distance between Iowa and Kansas, which takes into account the curvature of the road, is likely to be greater or different.
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What is Iowa known for?

What is Iowa Known For?

  1. A place known as the Grotto of Redemption
  2. The site where sliced bread was first created
  3. Fair of the State of Iowa
  4. The State Known as the Hawkeye. The Hawkeye State is the unofficial moniker for the state of Iowa.
  5. Corn, corn, and still another serving of corn! The United States of America is the top producer of corn in the world, while China is in second place.

Is Iowa west of California?

Nearly to the west of Iowa is where you’ll find California. When traveling from Iowa to California, the bearing degree is 255 degrees.

What are people from Iowa called?

The residents of the state of Iowa are referred to as Iowans or Hawkeyes.

Is Minnesota above Iowa?

The state of Iowa is situated in the heart of the United States’ Midwestern region, exactly in the geographic middle of six other states. Iowa is totally surrounded by land, with the next state to its south being Missouri and the next state to its north being Minnesota. The highest, lowest, and middle levels of elevation are all listed here.

State Name Iowa
FIPS # 19

Is Iowa the Midwest?

The region that is referred to as the Midwest is made up of the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. This is how the federal government classifies the region.

What are 5 interesting facts about Iowa?

  1. Here Are Thirteen Astonishing Facts About Iowa That You Most Likely Were Not Aware Of. The name Iowa comes from the Indian word for ″lovely.″
  2. People are outnumbered by pigs four to one
  3. The apple known as the Red Delicious was first cultivated in Peru, Iowa.
  4. The literacy rate in Iowa is the highest in the country.
  5. Elk Horn is the location of the most extensive Danish colony in the United States
  6. The National Hobo Convention takes place in Iowa every year
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What is the only U.S. state that borders only one state?

The most extensive landmass in New England is located inside the state of Maine, which also has the distinction of being the most northern state in the region. Maine is the only state in the United States that shares its borders with just one other state (New Hampshire).

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