What Airport Do You Fly Into For Vail Colorado?

  1. How to Get to Vail Using a Plane Vail has two airports that serve the area.
  2. The Eagle Regional Airport is located 30 miles west of Vail in Eagle, Colorado (around a 40-minute drive).
  3. Vail International Airport (VTI) is located 120 miles east of Denver International Airport (DIA) (around a two-hour drive).

Both airports provide direct flights to and from major cities as well as other regional airports in the United States.

A smoke-free upper midscale hotel near Denver International Airport. A free 24-hour shuttle to and from the airport is provided. A heated indoor swimming pool and fitness facility are provided. A complimentary hot breakfast buffet is provided. – Complimentary parking – The cost of parking and flying is $45 for up to 7 nights.

What type of airport is Vail/Eagle Airport?

  1. Eagle County Regional Airport is a medium-sized airport in the country of the United States of America.
  2. It is a domestic airport serving the United States.
  3. There are currently 13 domestic flights available to Vail / Eagle.

Vail / Eagle is mostly recognized for its winter sports activities.In this month, 473 flights are scheduled to arrive at Vail / Eagle Airport, which equates to 112 flights per week or 16 flights per day on average.

How to get to Vail Colorado?

  1. How to get to Vail, Colorado.
  2. Colorado is a state in the United States.
  3. You may fly into either Denver International Airport (DIA) or Eagle County Regional Airport (EWR) from anywhere in the world (EGE).

Los Angeles and San Francisco are around 2 hours east of DIA, whereas Dallas and Houston are 1.5 hours north of DIA and Chicago are 2 hours west of DIA, and New York City, Washington DC, and Philadelphia are approximately 4 hours west of DIA.

Which airlines fly to Vail Colorado?

When traveling to Vail, the most popular airlines to fly with are United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Delta Airlines. The majority of these flights arrive in Los Angeles, with United Airlines being the airline that operates this route the most frequently.

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How many flights a week does Vail airport have?

In this month, 473 flights are scheduled to arrive at Vail / Eagle Airport, which equates to 112 flights per week or 16 flights per day on average. Currently, the most often departed flights to Vail / Eagle are routes from Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) in the United States and Denver (DEN) in the same country.

Is Vail close to Denver?

Located just off I-70 and less than 100 miles from Denver, the Bavarian-style mountain town of Vail is easily accessible. There are a variety of transportation options available to get you from Denver to this popular ski destination. It is roughly a 35-minute drive west to reach the Eagle County Regional Airport, which serves the town of Gypsum and serves the surrounding area.

How do I get from Denver Airport to Vail?

What is the cost of a shuttle from Denver International Airport to Vail, Colorado? Prices for shared shuttles from the Denver International Airport to the Vail Transportation Center begin at $54. Shared shuttles to Vail, Colorado, are available for as little as $64. Private charters start at $399 and can accommodate a maximum of 14 people.

What airlines fly out of Vail Colorado?

The Vail/Eagle Airport is located in Vail, Colorado (EGE) American, Delta, United, and Air Canada all provide direct flights into Vail/Eagle. The following cities and one foreign location provide nonstop winter flight service: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver; Houston; Los Angeles (including Miami); New York (including newark); Phoenix (including Toronto); and Washington DC.

What is the closest city to Vail Colorado?

  1. Major cities in the vicinity of Vail, Colorado 74 miles to Denver, CO
  2. 83 miles to Aurora, CO
  3. 100 miles to Colorado Springs, CO
  4. 315 miles to Albuquerque, NM
  5. 483 miles to Lubbock, TX
  6. 500 miles to Wichita, KS
  7. 517 miles to Scottsdale, AZ
  8. 519 miles to Mesa, AZ
  9. 74 miles to Denver, CO
  10. 315 miles to Albuquerque,
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How far is Vail from airport?

Flight & Transit Services Eagle County Airport (EGE) is only 30 miles away, while Denver International Airport (DEN) is 100 miles distant (DEN).

Is the drive from Denver to Vail Safe?

Nevertheless, if you have a well-maintained vehicle (particularly the brakes) and you properly analyze upcoming weather systems, you should have no problems traveling from Denver to Vail by automobile. Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals do so without incident.

Is there a shuttle in Vail?

The Vail Transit Department, operated by the Town of Vail, provides free year-round bus service throughout the resort. In fact, the town’s bus system is regarded to be one of the largest free transit systems in the country, providing residents and visitors with timely service to and from Vail Mountain as well as throughout the town of Beaver Creek.

How far apart are Aspen and Vail?

It is 62 KM (kilometers) and 800 meters (kilometers) in total straight line distance between Aspen and Vail. The driving distance between Aspen and Vail is 39 miles depending on miles.

Does Aspen have an airport?

Aspen/Pitkin County Airport is located in Aspen, Colorado (ASE) Snowmass Village is about 6 miles away from the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport, which is only 3 miles from the town of Aspen. It provides direct flights to Denver, Chicago (O’Hare), San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas / Ft. Worth, and other destinations via United and American Airlines service.

Is there an old town Vail CO?

Vail, in contrast to other ski resorts that have been around since the mining boom, is a relatively new town that was built with two things in mind: skiing and Bavaria. Vail differs from other well-known ski towns in the United States, such as Park City and Aspen, in that it was not originally established as a mining town.

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Is Vail a town?

Originally established as a ski resort in 1962, Vail was incorporated as a municipality in 1966, and in 1972, it was granted Home Rule Charter status. Vail is governed by a council-manager style of government, with a seven-member town council that is elected by the whole town.

What towns are near Vail CO?

  1. Associated Communities Vail Village, CO
  2. East Vail, CO
  3. West Vail, CO
  4. Lionshead, CO
  5. Beaver Creek, CO
  6. Avon, CO
  7. Edwards, CO
  8. Eagle, CO

How far is Vail from Denver International Airport?

The overall straight-line distance between Denver International Airport and Vail, Colorado is 92 miles. There are 148 kilometers or 80 nautical miles between the two points. Your journey begins at Denver International Airport, which is located in the city of Denver, Colorado. It comes to a close in Vail, Colorado.

Which resort is closest to the airport?

  1. US$109 per adult
  2. 50% of the adult cost for children under the age of 18
  3. Infants (under the age of two years) are admitted free of charge.

How many international airports are there in Colorado?

  1. In addition to the Denver International Airport (KDEN), there is the Centennial Airport (KAPA), Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport (KBJC), Colorado Air and Space Port (formerly Front Range Airport (KCFO), Boulder Municipal Airport (KBDU), Erie Municipal Airport (KEIK), and the Rocky Mountain Regional Airport (KBJC).

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