What Area Code Is Indiana?

Indiana Area Codes

Area codes Selected cities
219 Gary
260 Fort Wayne
317 Indianapolis
574 South Bend, La Porte, Elkhart

How do I find an area code in Indiana?

  1. All Indiana area codes are shown here, along with their associated city and state.
  2. When you click on an area code, a list of the cities within that area code will appear.
  3. 219 260 317 574 765 812 219 260 317 574 765 812 219 260 317 574 765 812 219 260 317 574 765 812 219 260 317 574 765 812 219 260 317 574 765 812 The Area Code Search makes it simple to find area codes.
  • In the search box below, type in a city and state to get all of the area codes in that particular city.

What is the area code for Northwest Indiana?

Northwest Indiana was granted the right to keep the 219 area code after a random drawing was conducted. Unless you live in the Indianapolis metro region, the 765 area code covers the whole central section of the state, save for the Indianapolis area. The metropolitan Indianapolis region is served by the 317 and 463 area codes.

What area code is 219 in Indiana?

  1. 1 The 219 area code serves the northwest section of the state, which includes the cities of Gary, Hammond, Merrillville, Valparaiso, and Michigan City, as well as the surrounding countryside.
  2. 2 Located in north-central Indiana, the 574 area code is home to cities including South Bend, North Jefferson, and Warsaw.
  3. 3 Angola and Fort Wayne are both included in the 260 area code’s coverage area in Indiana’s northeastern region.
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When did Indianapolis get a new area code?

It was predicted that the 317 area code, which serves Indianapolis and most of its suburbs, will run out of numbers in the fourth quarter of 2016. As a result, the new area code of 463 was introduced in November of 2016.

How many area codes are in Indiana?

Indiana has eight telephone area codes, including two that were introduced during the recent decade: 317 and 319. Indiana has eight telephone area codes. The 930 area was added in 2015 and is located adjacent to the 812 area. The area code 463 was introduced in 2016 and is located above the 317 area code. In the 317/463 and 812/930 zip codes, a 10-digit dialing system is necessary.

What are some area codes in Indiana?

Indiana (IN) Phone Numbers – Area Codes 219, 260, 317, 574, 765, and 812 for local phone numbers in Indiana (IN).

What state is 765 area code?

  1. A telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) covers the central section of the state of Indiana in the United States.
  2. Area code 765 is assigned to the state of Indiana.
  3. Area codes 317 and 463 service the Indianapolis metropolitan area, which is located in a horseshoe-shaped territory including twenty counties in Central Indiana, with the exception of the Indianapolis metropolitan area, which is covered by area codes 317 and 463.

What city is 317 area code?

The 317 area code is primarily reserved for the metropolitan area of Indianapolis and its surrounding regions.

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Where is the 803 area code in Indiana?

The area code 803 is situated in central South Carolina and serves the cities of Columbia, Rock Hill, and Sumter, among other places. It is the sole area code that is available in the region to call.

Where is the 562 area code in Indiana?

Area code 562 is a telephone area code in California that was created on January 25, 1997, when area code 310 was divided. Many sections of southeast Los Angeles County, including Long Beach, as well as parts of northern Orange County fall under this area code.

What area is 812?

Area code 812 has been in use since 1947 and serves a number of cities and towns in Indiana and Ohio, including Evansville, Terre Haute, Bloomington, and New Albany.

When did Indiana change area codes?

In 1997, the 765 area code was established for the 20 counties around the Indianapolis region, marking the state’s first new area code in 49 years.

What’s Indiana’s zip code?

Zip Code 460 in Indiana Zip Code 460 in Indiana

Zip Code City County
46001 Alexandria Madison County
46011 Anderson Madison County
46012 Anderson Madison County
46013 Anderson Madison County

What is Lafayette Indiana area code?

Region code 765 is the dialing code for central Indiana, which includes areas outside of the Indianapolis metropolitan area. It include the cities of Muncie, Lafayette, and Anderson, as well as the surrounding countryside.

What area code is 770 belong to?

In the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), area code 770 covers all or part of 29 counties in North Georgia, including most of Atlanta’s suburbs. The area code is part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). It was established in 1995 as a result of the division of numbering plan area (NPA) 404.

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What city is area code 574?

Area code 574 serves the state of Indiana (IN), in the United States, and some of the major cities served are South Bend, Elkhart, Mishawaka, and Fort Wayne.

What area code is 318?

Region 318 of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) serves the northern and central regions of the state of Louisiana by assigning a telephone area code of 318. Louisiana’s old area code 504 was divided in 1957, resulting in the creation of the new area code.

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