What European Country Was The First To Settle In Illinois?

The French explorers Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette were the first Europeans to arrive in Illinois in 1673. However, the land was surrendered to Britain following the French and Indian War since France and Britain were at war. In the years after the conclusion of the American Revolution, Illinois was annexed by the United States and eventually became a state in 1818.

Where did the first settlers of Illinois come from?

Around the year 1673, French explorers were the first Europeans to arrive in Illinois. They were greeted warmly by the Indians when they arrived. French explorers were the ones who first referred to the area where the Illini Indians resided as ″the Illinois,″ thus giving the state of Illinois its name.

Who settled Illinois?

The first Europeans to come in what is now Illinois were the French, who settled in the area around the Mississippi River in the 17th century. They named the territory Illinois Country, and it was a part of the expansive colony of New France.

When did the French settle Illinois?

Peoria was dominated by French interests for well over a century, from the time the first French explorers came up the Illinois River in 1673 until the time the first ″American″ settlers began to move into the area around 1815. This span of time spans from the time when the first French explorers came up the Illinois River.

What was the first town settled in Illinois?

The Holy Family mission was established by priests from the Quebec Seminary of Foreign Missions at Cahokia, which was the first permanent colony in what is now the state of Illinois.

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Who lived in Illinois before European settlers?

First Nations Peoples Before the arrival of Europeans in Illinois, the region was occupied by a variety of Native American tribes, one of which being the Illini, a confederation of around 12 separate tribes who lived there.During the course of the 1700s, a number of different indigenous communities settled in the region.These communities included the Iroquois, Chippewa, Potawatomi, and Miami.

Who were the first people of Illinois?

When European explorers first approached the region that is now known as the state of Illinois, they came face to face with a people who would later become known all over the globe as the Illinois or Illiniwek Indians.This meeting took place at the beginning of the historic era.The Illinois were a vast and strong tribe that dominated a substantial portion of the Mississippi River valley.Their territory extended from southern Missouri to southern Illinois.

Who were the first settlers in Chicago?

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, a free black man, is credited with being the first person to settle in the Chicago area. In 1790, he established a farm at the mouth of the Chicago River. In the year 1800, he fled Chicago. In 1968, Point du Sable was recognized as the city’s founder and highlighted as a symbol at Pioneer Court, which was named in his honor.

Was Illinois settled by the French?

Despite the fact that these names typically referred to the entirety of the Upper Mississippi River watershed, the majority of French colonial settlement occurred along the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers in what is now the states of Illinois and Missouri in the United States, with some outposts in the state of Indiana.

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Why did the French settle in Illinois territory?

Outposts held by the French in Southern Illinois Along the Ohio River were several significant outposts, including Shawneetown and Fort Massac. The French government that controlled the Canadian territory thought that the region would be rich in furs and valuable metals.

Who were the first settlers in Peoria Illinois?

The construction of Fort Crevecoeur in 1680 by French explorers René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle, and Henri de Tonti marked the beginning of Peoria, Illinois’s history. Fort Crevecoeur was located on the same territory that would ultimately become the city of Peoria.

Was there slaves in Illinois?

Because Illinois was colonized from the south to the north, the majority of the state’s slaves were located in the southern half of the state.The majority of the early immigrants were from the southern states and were either slave owners themselves or supported the institution of slavery.Those who were already in possession of slaves intended to maintain them.The early leaders of the state were mostly composed of the same individuals.

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