What Growing Zone Is Central Illinois?

A Plant Hardiness Zone is a geographical designation for this. Southern Illinois is included in the climate zones 6a-7a. Central Illinois is included in the climate zones 5a-6a.

What garden zone is Illinois?

This website not only gives hardiness zones for all 50 states, but it also tells you what garden zone Illinois is located inside. The hardiness planting zone map offered here is for the Illinois hardiness planting zone, which should assist you in determining the most appropriate plants for your region. The growth zones of Illinois span from zones 5-7.

How do I Find my hardiness planting zone in Illinois?

It is possible to determine your Illinois hardiness planting zone by glancing at the map above and determining the approximate location in where you live. Simple, just compare the color-coded zones for your location with the zones shown in the legend on the right side of the map.

When did planting zones change in Illinois?

Because of climate change and rising temperatures, this map of Illinois growing zones is based on the 2012 revisions to the USDA planting zone classification system. When selecting plants for your garden, it is critical to understand your Illinois hardiness planting zones in order to select the most appropriate plants for your climate.

What zone is zone 6b in Illinois?

Zone 6b has temperatures ranging from -5°F to 0°F. Based on the USDA Hardiness Zone Map from 1990, this interactive version includes the state of Illinois, which spans USDA Zones 4b to 6b and falls between the two zones.

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