What Is The Area Code For Alabama?

Alabama’s area codes are shown below.

Area code Areas/Cities served Overlays
205 Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Northport, Jasper, Oneonta, Clanton, and Pell City.
334 Montgomery, Auburn-Opelika, Dothan, Valley, and Selma.
256 Huntsville-Decatur, Florence-Muscle Shoals, Gadsden, Anniston, Alexander City, and Sylacauga. 938

205 is the North American telephone area code serving western and central Alabama, which includes the cities of Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, among other places. What is the origin of the 334 number? The area code 334 is situated in southeastern Alabama and serves the cities of Montgomery, Dothan, and Auburn, among other places.

How many area codes are there in the state of Alabama?

In the state of Alabama, there are a total of 5 active area codes. The area codes for each of these cities are mentioned below. Wirefly gives two listings of area codes in Alabama, one for each of the state’s counties. The first table below lists the most populous cities in Alabama, as well as the area codes that correspond to those cities.

What are the ZIP codes in Alabama?

ZIP Codes in the state of Alabama. Alabama has a total of one ZIP code. Download the ZIP Code Database in its entirety. 35004. Standard. Type. Common Cities. County. Area Codes. ZIP Code. Type. 35004. Standard. Acmar, Moody, and St. Clair There have been 2 recent ZIP searches. 3 Zip Codes organized by state.

What area code is 205 in Alabama?

Area code 205 serves the central and western central regions of the state, including the cities of Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Hoover, Northport, Jasper, Oneonta, Clanton, and Pell City, as well as the surrounding areas. Prior to the formation of Area code 334, the number covered the whole state. The area code 659 is an overlay of the area code 205.

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What is the new Alabama area code?

The city of Birmingham now has a new area code, which is 205. The new area code, 659, will be added on top of the existing 205 area code.

What is Alabama phone code?

Alabama area codes are listed below.

Area code Established
205/659 January 1, 1947
334 January 15, 1995
256/938 March 23, 1998 July 10, 2010
251 June 18, 2001

What do phone numbers start with in Alabama?

205, 251, 256, 334, and 938 are the local area codes for Alabama (AL) phone numbers.

Where is the 205 area code?

The 205 area code typically covers the western central section of the state, covering cities such as Butler, Birmingham, Clanton, Hamilton, Jasper, Pell City, and Tuscaloosa, as well as several smaller localities.

When did Alabama change area codes?

After deliberating for a while, the Alabama Public Service Commission determined that it would be more cost effective to overlay a new area code on top of the geographical area served by area code 256, rather than splitting it, as had been done in 1998 when the 256 area code was separated from the 205 area code. The 938 area code was activated on July 10, 2010, and it is now in use.

Where is the 659 area code?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – The city of Birmingham now has a new area code, which is 205. The new area code, 659, will be added on top of the existing 205 area code.

What is Mississippi area code?

In the state of Mississippi, the following area codes are in use: 228 (which covers the Gulf Coast region of Mississippi); 601/769 (which serves much of southern Mississippi, including Jackson); and 662 (which serves northern Mississippi)

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What area code is 318?

Region 318 of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) serves the northern and central regions of the state of Louisiana by assigning a telephone area code of 318. Louisiana’s old area code 504 was divided in 1957, resulting in the creation of the new area code.

Is 305 a Florida area code?

Miami, Florida is located on the coast of southeastern Florida in the United States and is served by the 305 and 786 area codes.

What area code is 213 belong to?

The 213 area code, which serves the central business district and downtown region of Los Angeles, California, is one of the local phone number prefixes that RingCentral supports.

What states have area code?

The Caribbean is home to the majority of the other area codes.Some, however, are located in the Pacific, such as 684 (American Samoa), 671 (Guam), and 670 (Fiji), among others (Northern Mariana Islands).In terms of number of area codes, California has the highest with 34, followed by Texas with 27 and New York with 19, Florida with 17 and Illinois with 14.

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  2. Twelve states in the United States share a single area code.

How do you find area code?

If current trends continue, the 610 and 484 area codes in the county may run out of accessible phone numbers by 2023 if not sooner. ″We’ve already gone through a period of transition. ″It changes, and you grow accustomed to it,″ Dan Mooney, a local resident, remarked of the changing environment.

What is my current area code?

My Current Location is a Web App that uses GeoLocation data supplied by your browser to determine where you are now located.This online application was created utilizing the most up-to-date web technology available, HTML5 / w3C Geolocation, to provide a seamless user experience.In a nutshell, geolocation is a method of determining your geographic location on the planet, usually in the form of coordinates (latitude and longitude) and, if applicable, height.

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