What Is The Population Of Indiana?

Indiana is the 17th most populous and the 38th biggest state in terms of land area in the United States. Its land area is 36,418 square miles, and its population is projected to be 6,633,053. A municipality may only be classified as a city in accordance with the laws of the state if it has a population that is greater than 2,000 persons.

What is the population of Indiana in 2019?

The population of Indiana is expected to reach 6.72 million in 2019, representing an increase of 0.53 percent from the year 2018’s figure of 0.48 million. The results of the United States Census that will be conducted in 2020 indicate that the population of IN will be 6,785,528. The following is a breakdown of Indiana’s population, based on demographic estimates from 2017:

What county is the center of population in Indiana?

According to the census completed in the year 2000 by the United States, the town of Sheridan in Hamilton County, Indiana, had the state’s demographic center. Please refer to the article on ″Population and Population Centers by State.″ Bureau of the Census of the United States This version was retrieved from the archive on May 8, 2013.

How old is the average person in Indiana?

The average Indiana resident is 37.4 years old, making the state’s median age that much older. There is a very small gender discrepancy in the population of the state, with females making up 50.8% of the total and males making up 49.2%.

What is the largest city in Indiana?

The largest city in Indiana is Indianapolis, which is also the state’s capital, which has over 860,000 inhabitants as citizens. The largest county by population is Marion County with over 900,000 persons live inside its borders.

What is the population Indiana 2021?

The population of Indiana is expected to reach 6.72 million in 2019, representing an increase of 0.53 percent from the year 2018’s figure of 0.48 million. The results of the United States Census that will be conducted in 2020 indicate that the population of IN will be 6,785,528. It is anticipated that there will be 6.8 million people living in Indiana in the year 2021.

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What is the population of Indiana in 2020?


Population, Census, April 1, 2020 6,785,528
Population, Census, April 1, 2010 6,483,802
Age and Sex
Persons under 5 years, percent  6.2%

What percent of Indiana is white?

White people make up the vast majority of Indiana’s population (88.7 percent), followed by African-Americans (8.8 percent), Asian-Americans (1.2 percent), and American Indians and Alaska Natives (0.7 percent each) (0.3 percent ).

What percent black is Indiana?

Those who designated their race as either black alone or black in conjunction with another race make up 10.1 percent of Indiana’s overall population. This is in comparison to the 9.1 percent of the state’s population that is made up of black people who identify as being of only that race.

What is the poverty rate in Indiana?

In the year 2020, around 12.9 percent of the population of Indiana was considered to be living below the poverty level.

What is the population of Indiana 2022?

Indianapolis, which is situated close to the state’s geographic center, has served as the state capital since since Indiana was officially recognized as a separate state. It is anticipated that there will be 896,962 people living in Indianapolis in the year 2022.

Is Indiana a good place to live?

If you’re seeking for the best city in the United States to launch your career, Indianapolis comes in at number 21.This is because of the rapidly developing technology sector as well as the healthcare business.According to Forbes Magazine, the cost of living in Indianapolis is 7.6 percent lower than the average cost of living in the United States, making it an excellent location in which to not only live but also find employment.

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What was Indiana called before it became a state?

It’s been a while since you were in the fourth grade, so here’s a refresher course in the history of our state, including some topics that your teacher probably didn’t cover with you.1.In the year 1800, the Indiana Territory was established from the Northwest Territory.This territory included the present-day states of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin in addition to a portion of the state of Minnesota.

What is the richest town in Indiana?

The hamlet of Meridian Hills in Marion County, which is roughly six miles north of downtown Indianapolis, is the wealthiest community in the state of Indiana. Stacker has given the following information for your perusal: The typical income for a household is $186,750 (171.8 percent more than U.S. median income)

What is the whitest state?

The results of the census in 2020 reveal that Maine continues to be the state with the highest percentage of white residents but is also getting increasingly diversified.According to figures from the most recent census, which was announced on Thursday, the state’s population of 1,362,359 is still predominantly white.Over the course of the last decade, however, those figures showed a modest decline, going from 95.2 percent of the population to 90.8 percent of the population.

What’s the blackest city in America?

The city of New York had the highest number of individuals who identified themselves as being Black, with around 2.3 million. This was followed by the city of Chicago, with 1.1 million, and then cities such as Detroit, Philadelphia, and Houston, which each had between 500,000 and 1 million.

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What is Indiana known for?

  1. The state of Indiana is well-known for its extensive farmlands and
  2. Corn
  3. The Indianapolis 500
  4. Steel mills
  5. A reference to the University of Notre Dame
  6. Basketball for students in high school

How many adults are in Indiana?

IN Statistics Regarding the Population

Number Percent
Median age (years) 35.2 (X)
18 years and over 4,506,089 74.1
Male 2,174,756 35.8
Female 2,331,333 38.3

What percentage of people in Indiana own their home?

As of 2019, 69.3 percent of the dwelling units in the state of Indiana were being inhabited by their respective owners. The rate from the previous year, which was 68.9 percent, increased to this level. This percentage of owner-occupation is significantly greater than the average for the country, which is 64.1 percent.

Which county in Indiana has the most population?

Marion County, which contains the city of Indianapolis and has a population of 954 670 residents as of the year 2019, is the county in the state of Indiana that has the highest population. Marion County’s overall population has grown by 5.35 percent during the time that the most recent census was carried out in the county in 2010.

What are the most populated cities in Indiana?

  1. Benton County, Indiana has a population of 27,737 2,404 242 21
  2. Tippecanoe County, Indiana had a population of 25,471, 48,215, and 184 349
  3. 20 556 residents
  4. 4 110
  5. 265 53
  6. Carroll County, Indiana

What is the current estimated population for Indiana?

The population was estimated to be 99,143 by the United States Census in 2018. The population was counted as 79,191 during the most recent official census, which was carried out in 2010. 2021 Population Estimate for Carmel, Indiana Showing All Sources

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