What Is The Population Of Winterset Iowa?

The city has a total area of 4.72 square miles (12.22 km 2), of which 4.58 square miles (11.86 km 2) are land and 0.14 square miles (0.36 km 2) are water, according to the United States Census Bureau. About 40 kilometers (25 miles) to the south-southwest of the state capital of Des Moines is the city of Winterset.

Is Winterset Iowa a good place to live?

The analytics team at Dwellics gave the score of 71.5 to the city of Winterset, Iowa (with 100 being the best). Using this number, one may determine which areas in the United States are the safest to reside in.

What is Winterset Iowa known for?

John Wayne, a prominent figure in the history of American cinema, was born in Winterset, and the city is home to the John Wayne Birthplace & Museum, which has won several accolades and is the only museum in the whole world to be named after the actor.Additionally, it is the location of the Iowa Quilt Museum.The Madison County Chamber of Commerce is available to provide assistance throughout your stay here in our community.

What is there to do in Winterset IA?

  1. The Best 10 Things to Do in the Neighborhood of Winterset, Iowa 50273 The Bridges of Madison County is a fictional novel. 0.9 mi. Architectural Landmarks and Historical Structures
  2. The John Wayne Birthplace and Museum is just one mile away. Museums.
  3. The Pumpkin Ranch, if you will. 5.6 mi.
  4. Winery at the Covered Bridges 3.9 mi.
  5. 0.9 miles to the Iowa Theatre
  6. Cobblestone Lounge. 0.2 mi.
  7. The Icing on the Cake. 1.0 kilometers
  8. Hop-A-Lot Indoors. 25.5 mi
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Who was born in Winterset Iowa?

The house in Winterset, Iowa, where legendary actor John Wayne was born is now a tourist attraction and may be visited by interested parties. On May 26, 1907, the Hollywood star was first introduced to the world as Marion Morrison, and she was born in the straightforward wood-framed cottage with four rooms. Three years passed while he was a resident here.

How old is Winterset Iowa?

In Winterset, the median age is 38.5 years old, while the median age for males is 37.5 years and the median age for females is 43.4 years. Income in Winterset Broken Down by Household Type

Name Median Mean
Households $52,835 $67,328
Families $80,052 $87,929
Married Families $81,540
Non Families $23,799 $31,993

Why are the bridges in Madison County Covered?

The massive flooring timbers were more expensive to repair than the lumber that was used to cover the sides and top of the bridges, which is why the County Board of Supervisors gave the order to cover the bridges. This was done to help preserve the flooring timbers.

Where are the bridges of Madison County in Iowa?

Where exactly are all of Madison County’s bridges located? The bridges may be found in Madison County, Iowa, and the county seat and largest town, Winterset, is located in that same county. The bridges may be found in various parts of this town, with the majority of them being on country roads. About 30 miles to the southwest of Des Moines is where you’ll find Winterset.

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When was Winterset Iowa founded?

A little over 5,000 people call the quaint town of Winterset, which was established in the year 1849, home. It is the county seat of Madison County, which is located in the south-central part of the state of Iowa, approximately 35 miles southwest of Des Moines, and it is situated inside the limits defined by Interstates 80 and 35.

What is the crime rate in Winterset?

In Winterset, there are 434 inhabitants for every one person who is convicted of a sexual offense.This city has a ratio of registered sexual offenders to its total population that is quite close to the average for the state.The City-Data.com crime index places a greater emphasis on major crimes and violent crimes than it does on other types of crimes.The national average is 270.6, therefore a higher number indicates a higher rate of crime.

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