What Knives Are Illegal In Indiana?

Ballistic knives and throwing stars are prohibited from being used, purchased, manufactured, carried, or sold in the state of Indiana. With the exception of these knives, there are no restrictions on carrying knives and blades in plain sight or hidden in a pocket throughout the state.

At a Glance: The possession of ballistic knives and ″Chinese throwing stars″ is prohibited in the state of Indiana. Knives are otherwise permissible, with the exception of school grounds, where they are not allowed to be carried.

Is it legal to carry a knife in Indiana?

You are permitted to carry this authorized knife in Indiana for emergency situations. In Indiana, not all knives are permitted to be carried. Some knives are prohibited in Indiana under the state’s Knife Law, which can be found here. You are not permitted to purchase, sell, use, or manufacture such blades and knives.

Are switchblades legal in Indiana?

Indiana is considered to be one of the most knife-friendly states. Switchblades, as well as practically all other types of knives, are permitted in this country. In Indiana, only ballistic knives and throwing stars are considered unlawful or prohibited. Specifically, as previously stated, only ballistic knives and ninja throwing stars are considered unlawful and prohibited in Indiana.

Are brass knuckles legal in Indiana?

In addition, brass knuckles are permitted in Indiana. The possession of ballistic knives and throwing stars is still prohibited in Indiana. Specifically, the legislation governing throwing stars specifies that possessing, purchasing, selling, or carrying ″any knife-like weapon with blades placed at varied angles″ is a Class C misdemeanor if done so intentionally.

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Are throwing star knives legal in Indiana?

Chinese Throwing Star: The Chinese Throwing Star or a Ninja Star is the sharp star-shaped knives that are widely used for games. However, these blades are used unlawfully and hurled to hurt individuals. So, according to IC Section 35-47-5-12, utilizing any sort of Throwing Star is forbidden in Indiana.

Are any knives illegal in Indiana?

To carry any form of knife, concealed or open, including swords, is permitted for anybody above the age of 21, whether concealed or open. Aside from ballistic and Chinese throwing star knives, which are prohibited under state law, there are no further limits on blade length or carrying any other type of knife in the state.

What makes a knife illegal in Indiana?

In Indiana, a knife with a detachable blade that may be launched from the handle as a projectile by means of gas, a spring, or any other device contained inside the knife’s handle is still considered prohibited.

What size knife is legal to carry in Indiana?

Having to sneak about with my switchblade would not have been necessary if I had been 14 now rather than in 1959 when I was 14. Knives of any kind are now illegal in Indiana, according to state law. Any length of blade is permissible. You can wear your knife on your hip like Daniel Boone or tuck it under your trouser cuff like Dirty Harry, depending on your own preference.

Are switchblade knives legal in Indiana?

Yes. Earlier this year, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed legislation that repealed the state’s decades-old prohibition on switchblade blades. The manufacturing, importation, distribution, transit, and sale of switchblades across state borders are all prohibited under a federal law that was enacted in 1958 and is still in effect.

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Is a gravity knife legal in Indiana?

China’s throwing stars and ballistic knives are the only weapons explicitly prohibited in Indiana, leaving unmentioned ″corner cases″ such as balisongs and gravity knives, which are likely to be allowed by default, unmentioned in other states.

Are out the front knives legal in Indiana?

You should research the rules in your state before purchasing an OTF knife to ensure that you are not breaking any laws while doing so. OTF knives are prohibited from being sold in some places, although they are permitted to be possessed in others. An overview of the OTF Knife Laws provided by Tekto Gear.

STATE Indiana
Concealed Carry Yes

Are brass knuckles illegal in Indiana?

Brass knuckles are lawful to own and carry in the state of Indiana. Brass knuckles are not specifically listed as a dangerous weapon under Indiana law; however, using them in a violent act is prohibited.

What is considered a ballistic knife?

By pushing a trigger on the handle, or by activating one of the levers or switches on the handle, a ballistic knife may eject its blade a considerable distance (up to several meters/yards) from its handle.

Are flamethrowers legal in Indiana?

Was it ever brought to your attention that it is totally legal to purchase and own a flamethrower for personal use? Indeed, in the state of Indiana, it is quite legal to own a weapon capable of shooting pressurized accelerant up to 60 feet in any direction, essentially destroying any and all living things that dare to stand in your way.

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Is Mace legal in Indiana?

Self-defense goods such as pepper spray and electrical incapacitation devices such as stun guns are permitted under Indiana law, according to the state’s legislation. Insofar as you do not use the items in a careless or reckless manner, you will not be in violation of the law.

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