What Planet Is Visible Tonight In Indiana?

Visible tonight, April 17, 2022, and tomorrow, April 18, 2022.

Mercury: Until Sun 9:46 pm
Venus: From Mon 5:20 am
Mars: From Mon 4:55 am
Jupiter: From Mon 5:49 am
Saturn: From Mon 4:30 am

What is the brightest planet in the eastern sky at night?

Red During the late evening and early morning hours, Mars rises in the east, illuminating the night till dawn. When it comes to the eastern sky in the hours before sunrise, Venus, the brightest planet, takes center stage. To learn more about a planet, simply click on its name.

Which planets will be visible in the sky in December?

In the evening sky, an hour after sunset, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter will be spread out over the south-southwest night sky from lower right to higher left during much of December and into the first week of January. From December 6-8, the waxing crescent moon will make three consecutive nightly visits to each of the planets.

What planets can you see lined up before sunrise?

The planets Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn can be seen lined up across the southeastern sky before sunrise, with Saturn appearing to advance progressively nearer Mars each day, according to NASA. Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn can also be seen lined up across the southeastern sky before sunrise.

What’s the best planet to see in June?

During the month of June, we’ll watch Venus continue to battle to climb ever-so-slightly higher in the western evening twilight sky, while Mars, which is continuing to withdraw from the Earth, begins to descend gradually lower in the western early evening sky during the month of June. During the late-night hours, telescopic objectives like as Saturn and Jupiter are visible.

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