When Does Duck Season Close In Louisiana?

  • West Zone: Regular season: November 13 – December 5; December 18 – January 2; and January 10 – 30; East Zone: Regular season: November 20 – December 5 and December 18 – January 30; Youth and veterans only: November 13 and February 5; Ducks, Coots, and Mergansers: East Zone: Regular season: November 20 – December 5 and December 18 – January 30; West Zone: Regular season: November 13 – December 5; December 18 – January 2; and Only young people and veterans will be accepted on November 6-7; extended falconry will be accepted from November 2 to January 31 from all zones.

There can be a maximum of six ducks, which can comprise no more than four mallards (of whom no more than two can be female), three wood ducks, two canvasbacks, two redheads, one mottled duck, one black duck, and one pintail. West Zone:

Dates Daily Bag Limit Possession Limit
November 20 – February 28 10 30

Is there a year-round duck season?

  • Regrettably, one cannot participate in duck season during the entire year.
  • The official starting date for duck hunting is something that people all throughout the country have to wait for before they can let their dogs loose, load up their boats, and start shooting.
  • The seasons for hunting waterfowl are governed by a system of laws and rules that were formed through the application of good scientific principles and as a means of ensuring that there is an adequate supply of ducks.

What is hunting season like in Louisiana?

The hunting season in Louisiana provides opportunities to participate in a diverse range of activities. Hunting opportunities for migrating birds are some of the greatest in the country, and Louisiana’s whitetail deer typically have trophy racks that are suitable for display on fireplace mantles. The state of Louisiana also provides an alligator hunt that is rather comprehensive.

How many ducks were hunted in Louisiana last season?

The most commonly hunted territory Frequency Valid Percent Coastal Zone 3,737 49.5% of the 3,003 located in the East Zone 39.7 percent West Zone 795 10.5 percent Uncertain 21 0.3 percent Sub-Total 7,556 645 people, or 7.9 percent, did not hunt ducks in Louisiana during the previous season. A total of 8,218 with 17 absences

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Is turkey hunting season open in Louisiana?

Private property is the only place where turkey hunting seasons are currently active. The number of small game that can be taken varies by species. Visit the website of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for further details on the bag limitations that are in effect.

How long is duck season in Louisiana?

Seasons of Vagrant and Migratory Birds

2021-2022 Migratory Game Bird Schedule
Ducks, Coots and Mergansers East Zone: Nov. 13 (youth and veterans only) Nov. 20 – Dec. 5 Dec. 18 – Jan. 30 Feb. 5 (youth and veterans only) West Zone: Nov. 6-7 (youth and veterans only) Nov. 13 – Dec. 5 Dec. 18 – Jan. 2 Jan. 10-30

When can you hunt ducks in Louisiana?


Species Season Dates Possession Limits
Ducks Coots Mergansers Coastal Zone Nov 7 to Dec 6 Dec 19 to Jan 24 West Zone Nov 14 to Dec 6 Dec 19 to Jan 31 East Zone Nov 21 tp Dec 6 Dec 19 to Jan 17 3 times daily bag limit

How long does hunting season last in Louisiana?

Seasons for Hunting Deer in Louisiana

Archery Sept. 18-Feb. 15**
Muzzleloader/Primitive Firearms Oct. 9-Jan.31**
Firearms, No Dogs Oct. 16-Jan. 23**
Firearms, With Or Without Dogs Nov. 29-Jan. 23**
Youth and Honorably Discharged Veterans Oct. 9 to Nov. 5**

How many days of duck season are there?

Frameworks Have Been Announced for the Upcoming Waterfowl Season of 2018-2019 The duck season will last for a total of sixty days in the Atlantic and Mississippi Flyways.

What zone is Louisiana in for duck hunting?

The remaining areas of the state make up the Waterfowl and Goose Hunting Zones East.

Where can you duck hunt in Louisiana?

Opportunities for public hunting are plentiful in both the Sabine and Lacassine National Wildlife Refuges in Louisiana. In the western part of the state of Louisiana, the region around Shreveport and the Red River is well-known for its excellent hunting opportunities.

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Can you bait ducks in Louisiana?

  • Following the rule in its current form makes it very easy to avoid baiting.
  • After you have REMOVED all of the bait, you must wait ten days before you are allowed to hunt it again.
  • Why would ducks continue to visit an unlawful food source (bait) after it has been verified by WLF that all of the food has been removed (for at least 10 days)?
  • If this is the case, the WLF should be contacted immediately.

Why are there no ducks in Louisiana?

Fewer ducks are flocking to Louisiana, and some locations that had had significant numbers for many years have virtually any ducks. According to Reynolds, some explanations for the loss include: changing weather patterns, agricultural activities, dwindling habitat and the growth of exotic aquatics plants.

What is the fine for baiting ducks in Louisiana?

There is a fine of fifty dollars for hunting without a valid license. For hunting in a baited area, each man may face a punishment of up to $950 and up to 180 days in jail. In addition, they might be fined an additional $160 for the replacement value of the ducks that were unlawfully taken.

Can I hunt on my own land without a license in Louisiana?

  • When hunting on any area that is maintained by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, you are needed to have the appropriate WMA Permit.
  • Included in this are places designated as Wildlife Management Zones (WMAs), in addition to habitat and conservation areas.
  • Both citizens and non-residents are eligible to apply for and purchase the license, which is mandatory for hunters between the ages of 18 and 59.

What are the seasons in Louisiana?

  1. The website LouisianaTravel.com has provided the following guide to the actual seasons that occur in Louisiana. The Mardi Gras season runs from the beginning of January until about the middle of March.
  2. The season for crawfish runs from late winter through early summer.
  3. The Snowball Season Lasts From the Middle of March to the Middle of September
  4. The crab season runs from the end of April until the beginning of fall.
  5. The season for white shrimp runs from April to December, whereas the season for brown shrimp is from May to July.
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Do I need a license to hunt on my own property in Louisiana?

Hunting on private land is governed by the same rules as hunting on state-owned territory, and participants are expected to respect the landowner’s preferences. Every hunter in the state of Louisiana is required to obtain a current license in order to comply with the regulations set out by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF).

Can you duck hunt in February?

Goose Hunts Later in the Season The daily and possession limitations for this season are in effect. Beginning on February 6 and continuing through March 10, hunters can go for white geese and white-fronted geese during the late-season hunt. The daily and possession limitations for this season are in effect.

What state has the longest duck season?

Even though there is a good chance that there will be a smaller number of ducks overall, the state of Utah has recommended once more that it should have one of the longest waterfowl hunting seasons in the United States. This time, it is a full and continuous 107-day duck season that lasts the majority of the winter.

What month is best for duck hunting?

October. This month, without a doubt, is the greatest of the year. October weather is generally brilliant, the leaves are turning, and you may shoot ducks and geese from Canada south to approximately the center of the United States.

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