When Does Louisville Play Kentucky In Basketball?

According to a number of different sources, the game between Kentucky and Louisville that will take place during the next season will take place at Rupp Arena on December 31.

What channel is Kentucky basketball playing Louisville on?

On Saturday afternoon, the Louisville Cardinals (5-1, 1-0 ACC) will play home to the Kentucky Wildcats (1-5, 0-0 SEC). Here is everything you need to know to watch, listen to, and follow along with the game. ESPN. Play-by-play coverage provided by Dan Shulman, with analyst Dick Vitale.

Will the annual Louisville-Kentucky game ever get rescheduled?

The main question, though, is this one: what are the chances that the annual Louisville vs. Kentucky game will truly be moved to a different date? Because of schedule issues, Head Coach Chris Mack has learned that there is almost certainly not even a remote possibility that it will happen.

Where can I follow Louisville basketball news and updates?

You can get the latest information by following the Louisville basketball beat writer Shannon Russell (@slrussell) and the Kentucky basketball beat writer Jon Hale (@JonHale CJ) on Twitter from The Courier Journal. You can keep up with the squad on its official accounts, which can be found at @LouisvilleMBB and @KentuckyMBB.

How many times has Kentucky played Louisville in the rivalry?

Since the 1982–1983 academic year, the Kentucky–Louisville competition has taken place on an annual basis. The United Kingdom is in the lead, 37-17. The wellbeing of Wildcat student-athletes, coaches, and staff members is, and will continue to be, the first priority for UK Athletics.

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Does Louisville play Kentucky in basketball?

There is a parallel world in which today is the day when the Louisville and Kentucky men’s basketball teams finally square up against one another on the court for their traditional yearly showdown as part of their long-running rivalry.

Is the Kentucky Louisville game Cancelled?

Because of positive COVID-19 test results, the basketball game between Louisville and Kentucky has been postponed.

Will the Kentucky vs Louisville game be rescheduled?

Monday’s news announcements from both educational institutions stated that the game has been ‘postponed.’ Officials from both schools will ″watch situations in which the teams might reschedule the annual rivalry game,″ according to a statement released by the University of Kentucky (UK). There was no mention of a concrete time frame for the potential postponement of the event.

What channel is KY basketball on tonight?

ESPN will be airing a coverage of the game.

Why isn t Kentucky playing Louisville?

Both Kentucky and Louisville made the decision to postpone their rivalry basketball game on Monday morning owing to positive COVID-19 test results inside the Louisville Cardinals program. The game was scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

Who is Kentucky’s biggest rival in basketball?

The Kentucky–Louisville rivalry is widely considered to be one of the most intense and heated rivalries in all of collegiate athletics, and particularly in men’s college basketball.It is often regarded as one of the most heated rivalries in the entirety of the NCAA.Both the closeness of the two colleges and the interest that the state of Kentucky has in collegiate athletics contribute to the intensity of the rivalry between the two schools.

Why is the Louisville basketball game delayed?

Because to a leak in the roof of the KFC Yum Center, Louisville’s home game versus Boston College on Wednesday night has been postponed. The leak has caused water to accumulate on the floor of the stadium, which has caused the game to be delayed.

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Who won the Louisville basketball game today?

Louisville gets defeated by Syracuse’s well-rounded offense by a score of 92-69.

Why is the Louisville game delayed?

The baseball game between the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Louisville Cardinals on Sunday was postponed due to a bomb threat that was received at Jim Patterson Stadium in Louisville, Kentucky. The game was eventually resumed on Sunday evening. The tweets from the Louisville Baseball team’s account indicate that spectators will not be permitted to re-enter the stadium.

What time does Louisville women’s basketball play today?

The Louisville Women’s Basketball Schedule for the Years 2021 and 2022

Date Game
Sun Mar 20 7:00 ET vs Gonzaga Louisville, Ky. / NCAA Tournament
Sat Mar 26 4:00 ET vs Tennessee Wichita, Kan. / NCAA Sweet 16
Mon Mar 28 9:00 ET vs Michigan Wichita, Kan. / NCAA Elite 8
Fri Apr 1 7:00 ET vs South Carolina Minneapolis, Minn. / NCAA Final Four

Where can I watch the Kentucky game?

Live webcast of the Kentucky football spring game Anyone who has a cable subscription that also includes the SEC Network can watch the SECNetwork+ broadcast for free on WatchESPN as long as their subscription also includes the SEC Network. Those who are subscribed to the ESPN+ service also have the option to view the game through that platform.

How can I watch the Kentucky game today?

Live video: Depending on which TV service provider you use, you may be able to watch the game live online at WatchESPN.com or via the WatchESPN app. If you have a cable TV subscription that also includes the SEC Network, you may also be able to watch the game live via SEC Network Plus. Photos and links may be found on the Facebook pages for Kentucky.com and Kentuckysports.com.

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Did Ky win tonight?

A flood of home runs was the difference in Kentucky’s victory over the Gamecocks.

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