When Was The Last Time Illinois Voted For A Republican President?

  1. In 1988, George H.
  2. W.
  3. Bush was the last Republican candidate to win the state of Illinois in a presidential election.

The primary and general elections were held at the same time as those for other federal seats, such as the House and the Senate, as well as those for state offices.Participation in the Democratic and Republican primaries that were handled by the state was at 45.73 percent, with 3,505,795 ballots cast overall.

When did Illinois become a Republican state?

Clinton is victorious. In December of 1818, Illinois was admitted as a state. After voting Democratic during the Great Depression and World War II, the state went back to voting Republican for eight out of every ten elections from 1952 to 1988. Prior to the Civil War and through the 1920s, the majority of votes cast in the state were for the Republican party.

Does Illinois vote in the US presidential election?

Illinois has taken part in each and every presidential election that has taken place in the United States since it became a state in 1818. The names of the state’s winners are italicized. The national winner is not indicated by the shade; rather, it relates to the state winner.

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