Where Can I Donate Toys In Los Angeles?

Toys can be dropped off at any local fire station in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura counties, as well as at the Los Angeles Fire Department. The firemen will assist with the distribution of the items to youngsters in the surrounding neighborhood.

  1. A Christmas toy drive coordinated by the Los Angeles Fire Department in collaboration with ABC7 and Items for Tots, Spark of Love is held the day after Thanksgiving.
  2. Stations begin collecting and accepting requests for new toys the next day after Thanksgiving.
  3. You may also make a monetary donation that will be used to purchase toys and sports equipment by sending a text message or donating online.

Where can I donate gently used toys in Los Angeles?

Top ten best places to donate toys in Los Angeles, California

  • Babies2Babies (4.0 mi). The Midnight Mission is a community service/non-profit organization located 4.5 miles away. Operation Love Thy Neighbor has received 74 reviews. 8.7 kilometers (miles). Communities in Need/Non-Profit Organizations; Children’s Hunger Fund. 20.6 mi.; The Salvation Army. 2.8 mi.; The Salvation Army. 6.3 mi.; Be An Elf. 9.8 mi.; MEND. 15.0 mi; The Salvation Army. 2.8 mi.

Where can I donate Christmas toys in Los Angeles?

Santa Claus Toy Drives in Southern California

  • Children’s Advocates – Friends of the Children Los Angeles (Friends LA) RUNWAY WONDERLAND TOY DRIVE is located at 672 S. Runway Playa Vista, 90094; Baby2Baby, 5830 W.; Runway Playa Vista, 90094
  • Holiday Best Gift Ever Drive; Aviva’s Annual Holiday Drive; Holiday Giving Drive; Adopt-A-Family; A Place Called Home Family-to-Family Program; Aviva’s Annual Holiday Drive; Holiday Giving Drive;
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Where can I drop off toys for Spark of Love?

You may drop off toys at your local fire station if you live in the area. For information on specific drop-off times and deadlines, contact your local fire station.

What can you do with old kids toys?

Your toys, if they’re in excellent functioning shape, might be donated to a charity store or to a community organization such as a church, toy library, or playgroup. It may still be able to recycle some of the pieces from your broken toys and games if you dismantle them even if they are beyond repair.

Where can I donate kids toys in Orange County?

Clothes and toys can be donated at the following locations in Irvine, California:

  • The Orange County Chapter of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul; Goodwill Donation Centers in Orange County; and the Orange County Chapter of the Salvation Army

What do you do with stuffed animals you don’t want?

Unfortunately, it may be necessary to permanently discard the toy. Make a decision on which charity you’d want to give your toys, plush animals, and video games to before you begin. Check with organizations such as the Goodwill, your local secondhand store, local shelters, preschools, churches, and hospitals for possible placement.

Who is giving away toys for Christmas?

All it takes is ONE hit.

  • The Salvation Army is an organization that helps those in need. The Salvation Army provides a number of services to persons in need. Other organizations that provide services include Wilbert Manigault International Ministries Inc., USPS Operation Santa, Operation Homefront, Catholic Charities, and the United Way.
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Is Toys for Tots a good charity?

Did you know that Toys for Tots is a well regarded charitable organization?97 percent of your donation is used to support our purpose of delivering toys, books, and other presents to less fortunate children in our community.The 3 percent spent on support is mostly used to cover fundraising expenditures; not a single dollar given is used to cover wages or any other manpower-related expenses.

How can I donate for Christmas?

Ideas for Christmas donations and volunteer opportunities

  1. Assisting a Desperate Family;
  2. Visit Your Local Pediatric Wing; Donate Your Hair; Grant a Small Wish; Volunteer at Your Local Humane Society; Visit Your Local Humane Society
  3. Ensure the fulfillment of a child’s dream;
  4. Donate to Toys for Tots; make a donation to Bell Ringers and Bins; and more.

How do I get rid of toys?

″If they have outgrown it, pass it on to a younger kid,″ Helen advises when it comes to getting rid of toys. ″If it is worn out, recycle it,″ she adds. ″If it isn’t being used, takes up too much room, or you have more than one, donate it,″ she says.

How do I get my kids to get rid of toys?

Don’t rush them: Give them plenty of time to pick which toys they wish to part with before you start. 5 – Don’t throw anything away: Children are more likely to give their toys away to someone else than they are to see them in the garbage bin. Find charitable organizations to whom you may give all of your toys, clothing, and other stuff.

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Can toys be recycled?

If a toy is broken or damaged beyond repair, recycling is the next best option to consider. If you want to recycle children’s toys, you’ll most likely need to disassemble them and separate the different elements. While metal and electrical components may be recycled with relative ease, toy elements made of plastic and wood may be more difficult to recycle.

Can you help us collect and distribute unwrapped toys?

If you are able, please consider assisting us in collecting and distributing new, unopened toys and sports equipment to needy children and teenagers in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, Ventura, and Riverside counties. Thank you for your consideration. Over the years, the Spark of Love gift drive has gathered and delivered approximately 10 million toys, a record-breaking achievement.

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