Where Can I Dump Trash In Los Angeles?

Waste Management provides a wide range of services in your neighborhood and throughout much of the Los Angeles, California area, including recycling. As one of California’s leading garbage and recycling service providers, we take great pleasure in providing excellent client service while also being environmentally conscious. Thank you so much for your collaboration with Waste Management.

How much does it cost to dump trash in Los Angeles?


Type of Solid Waste/Recyclables Rate
Municipal Solid and Inert Waste (1-ton minimum charge) $83.68 per ton
Hard-to-Handle Bulky Items (1-ton minimum charge) $98.68 per ton
Pull-Offs $47.75 per load

Where does Los Angeles dump its garbage?

Approximately 45 percent of the solid trash generated in Los Angeles County that ended up in landfills (a little less than 5 million tons) was transferred to landfills outside of the county (the Frank R. Bowerman Sanitary Landfill and Olinda Alpha Sanitary Landfill in Orange County currently receiving about half of this).

How many landfills are in Los Angeles?

Landfills adhere to all applicable recycling and disposal requirements. The following are the locations of five landfills that are owned and maintained by the City of Los Angeles:

How many landfills are in LA County?

Ten landfills serve the residents of Los Angeles County, California, who live in a county with a population of 10,105,722 people spread across an area of 4,058 square miles.

Who picks up trash in Los Angeles?

With the use of four separate waste management systems, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (DWP) offers sanitation services to inhabitants of unincorporated Los Angeles County and sections of specific cities. Illegal dumping reporting, large item trash/garbage pickup, and trash/garbage pickup are some of the services offered.

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How much does trash cost per month in Los Angeles?

For people who never look at their bills: garbage collection costs around $72.64 every two months for a single-family house, and approximately $48.66 every two months for an apartment complex.

What is the biggest landfill in America?

The world’s largest landfills in 2019 Approximately 2,200 acres of land were covered by the Apex Regional Landfill in Las Vegas, United States, throughout the course of this year. It is expected to have a lifespan of 250 years and to contain around 50 million tons of rubbish, making it the biggest dump in the United States by volume of waste held.

Where does my recycling go Los Angeles?

About a quarter of the 800 tons of recyclable materials collected by the Los Angeles Department of Sanitation and Environment each day are burnt or bulldozed into landfills. Fortunately, there are buyers for plastic bottles, detergent jugs, and clamshell food containers (plastics numbers 1 through 3), which means they can still be recycled.

Where are the largest landfills?

The World’s Largest Landfills, Waste Sites, and Trash Dumping Facilities

  • There are 630 acres in Puente Hills in Los Angeles, California (USA); 680 acres in Malagrotta in Rome, Italy; 830 acres in Laogang in Shanghai; 927 acres in Bordo Poniente in Mexico City; 2200 acres in Apex Regional in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; and 630 acres in Puente Hills in Los Angeles.

Is America running out of landfill space?

According to industry professionals, however, reports that the United States is running out of landfill space are unfounded. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicated that landfill capacity is ″adequate for our existing disposal practices″ at the national level; nonetheless, some regions are seeing a reduction in the number of disposal alternatives.

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Does LA actually recycle?

One of the greatest recycling rates among the ten major U.S. cities, the City of Los Angeles attained an impressive 76.4 percent recycling rate.

How much waste is produced in LA?

With a Countywide diversion rate of 60%, homeowners and companies in Los Angeles County created around 21.5 million tons of municipal solid garbage, which equates to an average daily production of 58,987 tons of rubbish.

How do I report illegal dumping in Los Angeles?

In order to report illegal dumping that is currently taking place, call the Bureau of Street Services Enforcement Division at (800) 996-2489 between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., or call (877) ASK-LAPD after hours. Residents can make a request for ‘No Dumping’ and ‘No Illegal Dumping’ signs by contacting their local Council District field office.

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