Where In Los Angeles Can I Have My Glock Grip Reduction And Texturing “` “` ` “` ` `?

With the Glock grip reduction, you may drastically lower the overall depth of your grip while using Glock platform pistols. A significant improvement in comfort and ability to grasp and manage the gun controls is provided to shooters with tiny hands, particularly those who use a revolver.

How can I make my Glock grip more comfortable?

Reduce the hump in the grip and flatten out the grip to make this be more manageable.Some people find that this alteration helps to enhance the comfort of their grip, while others find that it helps to prevent the upward change in aim that some people experience.Please keep in mind that after this modification has been completed, you will not be able to utilize your Glock’s magazine wells.

How much does a Glock grip chop cost?

Scallops with mag release (GEN3 Glock only) Glove bevel with contoured trigger guard is an additional $50.00.2.A $50 upgrade to the backstrap 3.Enhanced trigger undercut for an additional $20.4.

  1. Enhanced trigger undercut with finger groove for an additional $40.
  2. 5.
  3. Mild thumb ledge is an additional $10.
  4. 6.
  5. Aggressive thumb ledge is an additional $25.
  6. 7.

Grip Chop (from 19/17 to 26/17, plus $65)

Is there a mod for the Glock 1-3 magazine release?

It can be difficult to release the magazines on the Gen 1-3 Glocks depending on the size of one’s hands. This modification pulls material away from the magazine release, providing for quicker access to the magazine release and a reduction in the amount of time you have to alter your hold on the gun.

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