Where Is Cibecue, Arizona?

According to the 2010 United States Census, the population was 1713 people. Arnold Beach Sr. and Tony Alsenay are the current council leaders, and they were elected in November. The Cibecue community has a high unemployment rate, which was aggravated by the Rodeo–Chediski Fire, which was the second-largest wildfire in Arizona’s recorded history and the state’s second-largest in the nation.

Where are the Cibecue Apache?

The village of Cibecue is located on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, also known as the White Mountain Apache Reservation, northwest of Whiteriver (the site of the tribe’s primary tribal office), on the White Mountain Apache Reservation. According to the 2010 Census, the hamlet has a total population of around 1,700 enrolled tribal members.

Do you need a permit for cibecue Falls?

It is necessary to get a Cibecue Falls Access Permit in order to enter the Cibecue Falls Area for hiking and viewing purposes. This applies to both adults and children (no camping, swimming and fishing permited). All permits are valid between the hours of 12:00 am and 12:00 am.

Did You Know you can hike Cibecue falls in Arizona?

This year, he bypassed the flowers and chocolates in favor of an outdoor excursion, including a trip to Cibecue Falls, to celebrate Mother’s Day. It is surprising that Cibecue Falls is such a little-known climb in Arizona, given the natural splendor of the area. We have lived in this house for 16 years and were completely unaware of its existence until lately.

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