Where Is Grafton North Dakota?

Grafton is a town in the eastern section of North Dakota, United States, not far from Interstate 29 and the border between North Dakota and Minnesota. It has a population of around 2,000 people. Grafton may be reached by Highway 81 and Highway 17 from both directions. While the first railroad was being constructed in 1881, a hamlet was developed nearby to serve the newly constructed train.

The city of Grafton has a population of 4,284 people as of the 2010 Census, making it the fourteenth most populous city in the state of North Dakota. Grafton was established in the year 1881.

What does Grafton mean?

Grafton is a city located in Walsh County in the state of North Dakota, United States.

When did the city of Grafton update its flood map?

The City of Grafton has revised its flood map, which became effective on November 2, 2012. To see a map of your neighborhood, click on the link. Scott Boura may be reached at (351) 1561 if you have questions.

What is there to do in Grafton ND?

  1. 5 Interesting Things to Do in Grafton, North Dakota Take a trip to the rink. Featured image courtesy of Flickr user Sharon Mollerus. Visit a Leistikow Park.
  2. Take in a show and dinner.
  3. Drive to a State Park
  4. Go to Grand Forks
  5. Speak with a representative from Rydell Honda of Grand Forks

What is a Grafton spoiler?

Grafton High School is a public high school in the city of Grafton, North Dakota, that was established in 1981. A part of the Grafton Public Schools system, the school is located in Grafton. The school’s official colors are maroon and gold, and the athletic teams are referred to as the Spoilers (spoiler = spoiler).

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When did Grafton ND become a city?

Grafton’s charter as a city was allowed by the territory government and accepted by a vote conducted in the town of Grafton on April 3, 1883, when the city was officially established.

Is Grafton in Grand Forks County?

It was given this name in commemoration of George H. Walsh, a Grand Forks newspaperman and politician who passed away in 2011. Grafton was officially designated as the county seat in 1881. Walsh County has a population of around 10,563, according to the 2010 census.

What is the population of Grafton Ontario?

Grafton, Massachusetts, is a little town with a population of less than one thousand people, yet it has a long and distinguished history.

What does Grafton mean?

Grafton is a city located in Walsh County in the state of North Dakota, United States.

Where is Camp Grafton?

A National Guard Maneuver Training Center (NGTC), Camp Grafton Training Center (CGTC) is managed by the North Dakota National Guard at Camp Grafton, North Dakota. CGTC is located on Highway 20 in northeast North Dakota, approximately 5 miles south of Devils Lake.

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