Where Is Greenfield Indiana?

Greenfield is a city in Hancock County, Indiana, United States, and the county seat of that county. It is also a component of the metropolitan region that encompasses Indianapolis. Census takers counted 20,602 people in the area in 2010, and they anticipate counting 23,006 in 2019. The Center Township is where you’ll find it.

What county is Greenfield IL in?

Center Township is home to the city of Hancock, which serves as the county seat for Hancock County. Along the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad, which connected Pittsburgh to both Chicago and St. Louis, the town of Greenfield served as a halt.

How to locate everything to do in Greenfield?

Use this interactive map to help you find anything from meals to hotels to tourist spots if you are planning a trip to Greenfield. The map includes both indoor and outdoor locations. The street map of Greenfield is the most fundamental form of the map, and it gives you an all-encompassing outline of the city’s major components.

Why is Greenfield the county seat of Hancock County?

On April 11, 1828, it was decided that the county seat should be located in the town of Greenfield. The Commissioners made the following proclamation: ″The seat of Justice for Hancock County will hereafter be known and recognized by the name and title of Greenfield.″ In those days, the county had a total population of 400 people.

What towns are near Greenfield Indiana?

  1. Local municipalities include Lawrence, Indiana
  2. And Greenfield, Indiana.
  3. Beech Grove, IN
  4. Fishers (Indiana)
  5. Shelbyville (Indiana),
  6. Indianapolis, IN
  7. Greenwood, IN
  8. Noblesville, IN
  9. Anderson, IN
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Are there black people in Greenfield Indiana?

Greenfield Demographics and Research White makes up 97.41 percent of the population. 1.27 percent of the population has two or more races. Asian: 0.87 percent 0.37 percent of the population is black or African American.

Is Greenfield a suburb of Indianapolis?

Greenfield is a neighborhood in the Indianapolis metropolitan area that has a total population of 22,160 people. The town of Greenfield may be found in Hancock County.

What towns are near Greenfield MA?

  1. Towns located close to Greenfield, Massachusetts Massachusetts, Montague City
  2. Massachusetts, East Greenfield
  3. Cheapside, Massachusetts
  4. East Deerfield, MA
  5. Turners Falls, MA
  6. Deerfield, MA
  7. Massachusetts, Factory Village
  8. Riverside, MA

What is there to do in Greenfield today?

  1. 14 activities to partake in that are located to the east of Indianapolis in Greenfield Brandywine Park-900 E
  2. Beckenholdt Park– 2770 North Franklin Street, Greenfield, Indiana.
  3. The Hancock County Public Library can be found at 900 West.
  4. Riley Park is located at the intersection of Apple Street and US 40 in Greenfield, Indiana.
  5. Tour of the Riley Home
  6. The address of the Thornwood Preserve in Greenfield, Indiana is 2770 Morristown Pike.

What part of Ohio is Greenfield in?

Greenfield is a sizable community that spans both Highland and Ross counties in the state of Ohio, in the United States. There were 4,639 people living there according to the census completed in 2010.

Greenfield, Ohio
Counties Highland, Ross
Total 2.08 sq mi (5.38 km2)
Land 2.08 sq mi (5.38 km2)

Is Greenfield a nice place to live?

Even though it’s a beautiful area to live, there really isn’t too much to do in this town. There is no significant crime, and the inhabitants are generally pleasant to talk to. It is a peaceful community, which is ideal for those who value privacy and who adhere to traditional values. Greenfield has been my home for the better part of my life.

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