Where Is The 2 Mile Long Crack In Arizona?

The two-mile-long crack is located in the Tator Hills in Pinal County, more than 60 miles southeast of Phoenix, according to a video shared by the state agency on YouTube. The crack was initially discovered in 2014, according to geologist Trevor Naceis of Forbes.

The Tator Hills are home to a 2-mile fissure that runs across them. Although it appears to be the first of its sort, it is really not; the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) has actually documented a total of eleven miles such fractures in the arid topography of the mountains since 1977. This new crack, on the other hand, is the longest one that has ever been documented in the area.

How deep was the crack that opened up in the desert?

At times, the crack that appeared in the Arizona desert was tens of feet wide and several hundred feet long. (Photo courtesy of the Arizona Geological Survey.) Cook explained that after charting the fissure with GPS, they took another look at it with a drone.

How big is the big crack in the Navajo reservation?

Many communities on the Navajo tribe and in the state of Arizona are concerned about the massive crack, which is growing in size as anxieties mount about its potential expansion. In 2017, the split measured an incredible 10 feet wide and up to 30 feet deep in certain places, making it the widest fissure in the desert of Arizona. and is likely to continue to expand in the future:

Where is the big crack in Arizona?

The Arizona Geological Survey has discovered a massive fissure in the earth in the Tator Hills region of Arizona. It’s two miles long, which, according to a local news station, is a half mile longer than any other fissure in the vicinity of the site.

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How deep is the crack in Arizona?

Because of the size of the fissure, persons strolling along its borders appear to be dwarfed in the footage. For example, some spots are around 10 feet broad and up to 25-30 feet deep (tapering crack, narrowing with depth), while others are a thin surface crack less than an inch across, according to Cook in an email to Live Science.

What was found in Arizona at this site that would unlock the key to Earth’s formation?

Meteor Crater

Impact crater/structure
Bolide type Iron meteorite
Location Coconino County
Coordinates 35°01′41″N 111°01′24″WCoordinates: 35°01′41″N 111°01′24″W

Is there a crack in Arizona?

The Arizona Geological Survey is keeping an eye on a 2-mile-long fissure that has opened up in the desert outside Tucson, Arizona. Drone flights above the crack in Pinal County, southeast of Phoenix, have revealed that it has continued to develop in both length and width, according to the latest data.

Where is the crack located?

Zion National Park’s Kolob Terrace is home to the Crack, which can only be reached by hiking the arduous Left Fork North Creek – Subway trail, which is 4.5 miles long.

Is the Grand Canyon a fissure?

The Grand Canyon, on the other hand, is significantly larger. (The Pinal County fissure is approximately two miles in length and around 30 feet in depth. A total of 277 miles and 6,000 feet of depth make up the Grand Canyon.) The Grand Canyon was built by considerably more powerful geological processes than the Colorado River.

Why does the ground crack in a drought?

Due to excessively dry soil and tree roots competing for moisture in the soil surrounding your home, your home’s foundation may fracture and even sink during times of drought.This is due to the too dry soil and tree roots competing for moisture in the soil surrounding your home.When planting new trees, make sure to place them at a safe distance from your home’s foundation, and move existing trees as far away from the foundation as feasible.

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What are the oldest rocks known to scientists?

Geologists discovered the Nuvvuagittuq greenstone belt, which contains the oldest known rocks on the planet, near the coast of Hudson Bay in northern Quebec in 2001.The greenstone belt is the oldest known rock formation on the planet.Geoscientists have determined that the oldest elements of the rockbed date back to around 4.28 billion years ago, based on ancient volcanic deposits known as ″faux amphibolite.″

How old is the Painted Desert?

The rocks in the formation are 213 million years old, according to the most recent estimates. The Painted Desert is home to a significant number of Navajo and Hopi reservations, and the Navajo employ the varied vividly colored sands for their famed ceremonial sand paintings, which can be seen all over the world.

How old is the earth?

We now know that the Earth is around 4.5 billion years old because to radiometric dating. It is possible that early thoughts regarding evolution would have been taken more seriously if naturalists in the 1700s and 1800s had realized how old the Earth really was.

What are desert cracks called?

Mudcracks (also known as mud cracks, desiccation cracks, or cracked mud) are sedimentary formations that occur when muddy material dries and shrinks, resulting in the formation of cracks.

What is the black crack in Utah?

Black Crack is a geographical feature in the state of Utah. Black Crack is located west of Soda Springs Basin and east of White Rim on the Colorado Plateau. Escape to an Unexpected Location.

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How big is the big crack in Arizona?

The parched dirt of Arizona has been shattered by a 2-mile-long crack, which scientists predict will continue to increase in size in the coming years.Recent film from a drone flyover by the Arizona Geological Survey showed the breadth of the massive fissure in Pinal County, between Casa Grande and Tucson, revealing the gigantic gash dividing the desolate countryside.The footage shows the large gash splitting the barren ground.

Did a massive crack just open up in the Arizona desert?

In the Arizona desert, a large split has just opened up (Credit: Arizona Geological Survey) During an examination of Google Earth photographs taken over the area to seek for odd anomalies, the crack was discovered for the first time in 2014. The Arizona Geological Survey was tasked with visiting the site and measuring the length, breadth, and depth of the large fissure as a result of this.

How big is the fissure that opened up in Arizona?

The magnitude of the earth split that sprang out in the Arizona desert was revealed by aerial footage captured by a drone. (Photo courtesy of the Arizona Geological Survey.) The parched dirt of Arizona has been shattered by a 2-mile-long crack, which scientists predict will continue to increase in size in the coming years.

What happened to the 2 miles long crack on Google Earth?

Upon closer inspection, they discovered that the size had expanded to about 2 miles in length, substantially greater than what had seen in the Google Earth data. The split had widened dramatically as a result of strong rains in the area, which aided in the erosion and collapse of the underlying soil, revealing the subsurface fissure beneath the surface.

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