Where My Maryland Refund?

You may discover information on the status of your tax refund in Maryland at the office of the State Comptroller. Utilizing these resources, you may determine the current status of your Maryland tax refund.

How do I check on the status of my Maryland refund?

You may find out the current status of your income tax refund for the current year in Maryland by supplying your Social Security number as well as the precise amount of your refund as it appears on the tax form that you have already submitted. Please provide your details in the spaces provided below.

Why haven’t I received my Maryland refund yet?

  • If you filed electronically through a professional tax preparer but haven’t received your refund yet, you should get in touch with your preparer first to verify that your return was sent to us before checking the status of your Maryland refund.
  • If you filed electronically through a professional tax preparer but haven’t received your refund yet.
  • We anticipate that the processing of paper returns will take thirty days due to financial restrictions as well as cutbacks in manpower.

Where is my tax refund?

  • You may monitor the status of your refund by downloading the IRS2Go app.
  • What Happened to My Refund?
  • will show the current status of your refund, which is typically based on the refund information for the most recent tax year that we have on file for you.
  • You will have the ability to safely access additional details on your personal account through your Online Account.
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Where Is My Currently Corrected Return?Should You Get in Touch with the IRS?

Who is responsible for handling my Maryland state tax refund payments?

The Comptroller of Maryland is in charge of processing all Maryland State Tax Refund Payments. This responsibility includes managing MD Income Tax Return payments. Where Is My Refund From the State of Maryland?

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