Where To Buy Pinatas In Los Angeles?

Pinatas and other party supplies may be found at your local Dollar General. If you’re looking for party supplies, we’ve got you covered. Save your time. Every day, you may save money!

What can you put in a pinata instead of candy?

Visit your local Dollar General to purchase pinatas and other items. If you’re looking for party materials, we’ve got you covered! Reduce the amount of time you spend on the phone Every day is a good day to save money.

How much are pinatas at Walmart?

Ratings are based on 70 customer reviews. Specifications of the product The Purple Llama Pinata is 19.5 inches by 16 inches by 4 inches (HxLxW) It has the capacity to contain up to 2 pounds of sweets, trinkets, or prizes. The llama piñata is built of high-quality materials that are both sturdy and breakable. Price at the time of writing is $13.47.

What is the best candy to put in a pinata?

  • Legos – Fill it with a set or get a large package of generic Legos for them to use in their own personal collections.
  • Additional crayons and markers – who doesn’t like to have more crayons and markers on hand?
  • Pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, craft feathers, googly eyes, and pom balls are just a few of the materials you’ll need for your next creative project.

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