How Far From Las Vegas To Mesquite Nevada?

Find out the solution in a flash: Driving time from Las Vegas to Mesquite is around 1 hour and 12 minutes since the distance between the two cities is 81 miles (or 130 kilometers). You may save time by looking at an actual road journey. Make travel plans by car.

What towns are between Las Vegas and Mesquite?

Ute, Nevada, which is located around 3 miles from the geographical center of the state, is the ideal location for a meeting halfway between Mesquite and Las Vegas, Nevada.

What’s the cost of living in Mesquite Nevada?

There is a cost of living index of 102.5 in Mesquite.

COST OF LIVING Mesquite Nevada
Overall 102.5 110.5
Grocery 101.8 100.3
Health 92.3 92.4
Housing 111 127.5

How far is Las Vegas from Mesquite AZ?

Distance conversions

Distance type Miles Kilometers
Straight line distance 74.04 mi 119.15 km
Driving distance 81 mi 130.53 km

How long does it take to get to Mesquite Nevada to Las Vegas Nevada?

To Las Vegas from Mesquite The whole distance is around 82 miles, and the time to do it is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.

What towns are close to Mesquite Nevada?

  1. Local communities located close to Mesquite, Nevada Bunkerville, NV
  2. Littlefield, AZ
  3. Riverside, NV
  4. Saint Joseph, NV
  5. Old Overton, NV
  6. Simonsville, NV
  7. Moapa Valley, NV
  8. Logandale, NV

Are there shuttles from Laughlin to Las Vegas?

Shuttle service, which ranges in price from $50 to $65 and travel time from Laughlin to the Las Vegas Airport (LAS) from 1 hour and 30 minutes, is the most efficient method to make the trip.

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Is Mesquite a good place to retire?

Mesquite is a retirement community that is ideal for families that adore the feeling of living in a ″small town.″ It has been dubbed ″the safest city in Nevada,″ and in many ways, it truly lives up to the reputation that has been bestowed upon it. Our town is teeming with wonderful and generous individuals who contribute to the expansion of this community.

How cold does it get in Mesquite Nevada?

  1. The climate and weather patterns that are typical throughout the year in Mesquite, Nevada, in the United States The summers in Mesquite are hot and mainly clear, while the winters are chilly and partially overcast.
  2. Regardless of the season, the weather in Mesquite is always dry.
  3. In the course of a year, the temperature will normally range from 36 degrees Fahrenheit to 106 degrees Fahrenheit, and it will only very seldom drop below 27 degrees Fahrenheit or rise over 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does Mesquite NV get snow?

On a yearly basis, Mesquite, Nevada receives an average of 7 inches of precipitation. The United States receives an average of 38 inches of rain per year. The annual snowfall total in Mesquite is about 0 inches. The United States has an average annual snowfall of 28 inches.

Is Mesquite in Nevada or Arizona?

Mesquite is a city located in Clark County, Nevada, in the United States. It is near to the state boundary between Nevada and Arizona and is located 80 miles (130 km) northeast of Las Vegas on Interstate 15.

Where is Mesquite Utah?

It is easy to get to Mesquite because to its location on Interstate 15, which places it only 87 miles from Las Vegas and 36 miles from St. George, Utah. Sunsets that can’t be topped and views that can’t be beat are commonplace here.

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Where does the name Pahrump come from?

The original indigenous name for Pahrump was Pah-Rimpi, which translates to ″Water Rock.″ This name was given to the valley because there were several artesian wells in the area.

Is Pahrump north of Las Vegas?

The city of Pahrump, Nevada may be found in the southeastern most part of Nye County. It is situated sixty miles to the west of Las Vegas, Nevada, and sixty miles to the east of Death Valley.

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