How Far Is Missouri City From Houston?

The journey from Houston, Texas to Missouri City, Texas takes one minute and covers a distance of roughly 23 kilometers (14 miles), making the flight time one minute. Remember to look at our ‘Gas cost calculator’ option when you have a chance.

How far Missouri City TX from Houston?

Driving from Houston, Texas to Missouri City, Texas covers a total distance of 18 miles, which is equivalent to 29 kilometers.

Is Missouri City TX A good place to live?

  1. The city of Missouri City, which is located in Fort Bend County, is widely regarded as one of the premier residential areas in the state of Texas.
  2. The majority of people who live in Missouri City own their houses, which contributes to the town’s rural atmosphere.
  3. A great number of parks can be found in Missouri City.
  4. In Missouri City, there are a lot of young professionals, and the people that live there are generally progressive.

Is Missouri City a suburb of Houston?

As a suburb of Houston, Missouri City is considered to be a part of the greater metropolitan region that encompasses Houston, Sugar Land, and Baytown. There is a little portion of Missouri City that is situated in Harris County, despite the fact that the vast majority of the city is found in Fort Bend County.

What is Missouri City known for?

It encompasses the opulent and well designed neighborhood that is known as Lake Olympia. The city of Missouri City enjoys a convenient location close to both major highways and rail connections. It is a residential area that many commute to from Houston. The city has a lower concentration of apartment complexes and condominiums in comparison to other cities of a similar population size.

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Is Missouri City Texas Safe?

The city of Missouri Not only is Missouri City one of the safest areas in the Houston metropolitan region, but with a crime rate of only 1,362 incidents reported for per 100,000 residents, it is without a doubt one of the safest in the state.

What is the crime rate in Missouri City?

The total crime rate in Missouri City is 11 per 1,000 persons, which places it in close proximity to the average crime rate for all cities and towns in the United States, regardless of population size. In Missouri City, the probability of being a victim of crime is one in eighty-nine, as determined by our examination of statistics provided by the FBI.

What is the property tax rate in Missouri City TX?

Taxation Rate for One Hundred Dollars of Assessed Value:

Taxing Unit Name 2020 (Previous)
City Missouri City 0.598035
County Fort Bend General Fund 0.435876
County Fort Bend Drainage Fund 0.017331
Schools Fort Bend Independent School District 1.240200

Why is Houston called Mo City?

McElroy made the acquisition of 80 acres (32 ha) of land in the same general location, and he gave the land the name ″Missouri City″ in an effort to market the town in collaboration with Cash and Luckle in St. Louis.

Does Missouri City have good schools?

The city of Missouri City may be found in the Texas county of Fort Bend. These are some of the public schools in Missouri City that have received the highest ratings based on a range of factors, including their academic success and their commitment to equity.

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What is the nicest part of Houston?

  1. West University is one of Frankel’s picks for the top eight neighborhoods in Houston in the year 2020. Why settle in this community: West University Place is the first neighborhood on our list, and it’s one of our very favorites in Houston
  2. Memorial.
  3. Branch from Spring
  4. The Height
  5. Bellaire.
  6. Museum District.
  7. Tanglewood

What is the best city to live in Houston?

  1. The Five Premier Residential Neighborhoods in Houston Downtown Houston
  2. Midtown
  3. Montrose
  4. Two-Thirds Ward
  5. University Place on the West Side

Does Missouri City Flood?

In the past, Missouri City has on occasion been impacted by flooding due to the presence of these sources. Localized flooding can be caused by clogged storm sewers and inadequate surface drainage in addition to the typical rainfall that we see here. Tropical Depressions, Storms, and Hurricanes are the most common types of weather systems that bring rain to our region.

Why is it called Missouri City?

After following Cash and Luckel’s example and purchasing land in the area, McElroy came up with the name ″Missouri City″ and gave it its current meaning. In 2007, the officials of Missouri City selected ″The Show-Me City″ as the city’s slogan. This moniker was inspired by the nickname given to the state of Missouri, which is ″the Show-Me state.″

Why is Missouri City in Texas called Missouri City?

Whatever his motivations may have been, the advertising campaign was successful, and a significant number of the pioneers who arrived in the region over the course of the subsequent several years were from the state of Missouri. According to Cory Stottlemyer, the public relations expert for Missouri City, ″It became a village, and they dubbed it Missouri City.″

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