How Far Is Philly From New Jersey?

There is, in fact, a train that leaves the Newark Penn Station station and arrives at the 30th Street Train Station station without making any intermediate stops.The services are available around the clock and depart every half hour.On average, the trip takes around one hour and 53 minutes.How far is Philadelphia from New Jersey?How about the other way around?41 miles separate New Jersey and Philadelphia as the distance between the two states.

Is Philadelphia and New Jersey close?

There is a distance of 1533 kilometers or 952.8 miles between New Jersey and Philadelphia.

How far is Philly from Jersey driving?

When traveling by car, the distance from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to New Jersey is 87 kilometers or 54 miles in total. Your vacation starts in Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania. The state of New Jersey is where it comes to an end.

How far is Philadelphia from New Jersey by plane?

This is equivalent to a distance of 66 kilometers while traveling by car. The shortest distance that may be traveled between New Jersey and Philadelphia is 66 kilometers, which is equal to 41 miles. Distances between Cities in New Jersey.

New Jersey Distance
Distance from New Jersey to Pennsylvania 268 km
Distance from New Jersey to Philadelphia 66 km

How far is Philadelphia from NJ border?

It is true that there is an 86-mile gap between Philadelphia and New Jersey while traveling by car. Driving time from Philadelphia to New Jersey is roughly one hour and thirty-two minutes. Which airlines offer flights between Philadelphia International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport?

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Which city is close to New Jersey?

Hoboken, New Jersey is one of the nearby cities to Jersey City. New York, New York (NY) Weehawken, NJ.

Is New Jersey a part of New York?

The mainland state of New Jersey is located in the north-eastern part of the United States of America and is considered to be one of the 50 federal states. It shares its northern and northeastern boundaries with the state of New York, its southern and southwestern borders with Delaware (across Delaware Bay), and its western boundary with Pennsylvania (over the Delaware River).

How close is New York and NJ?

Driving from New York to New Jersey covers a total distance of 181 miles, which is equivalent to 291 kilometers.

Is New Jersey a state?

In the year 1787, New Jersey was the first state to sign the Bill of Rights and the third state to ratify the Constitution of the United States of America. Trenton was formally designated as the state capital of New Jersey in the year 1790.

What part of New Jersey is closest to Philadelphia?

The Quickest Route to Philadelphia Starts in Gloucester City, New Jersey Although it takes an average of 19 minutes longer to get to Philadelphia from Gloucester City than it does from Collingswood, New Jersey, the distance between the two cities is same.

Is Philadelphia New Jersey?

The city of Philadelphia is one of the most important urban areas in the state of Pennsylvania, which is located in the United States.Philadelphia is the most populous city in the state of Pennsylvania, the sixth most populous city in the United States, and the second most populous city on the East Coast of the United States, behind New York City.As of the year 2020, the population of Philadelphia was estimated to be 1,603,797 people.

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Which city is very close to Philadelphia?

Local municipalities close to Philadelphia

97 miles: New York City
106 miles: Baltimore
88 miles: Newark (New Jersey)
106 miles: Harrisburg
129 miles: Annapolis

Is it safe to stay in New Jersey?

According to data compiled by USA Today, New Jersey is the fifth safest state in the US. It has the nation’s lowest rate of violent crime, with 208 incidents reported for per 100,000 residents. There is still a significant amount of criminal activity in some locations. When you are in nice places, it is not dangerous at all.

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