How Far Is Wyandotte Michigan From Detroit Michigan?

When traveling by automobile, the distance from Wyandotte, Michigan to Detroit, Michigan is 11 miles (or 18 kilometers). From: City: round-tripone-way Check-in: Check-out: Get: vacationflighthotelcar rental SEARCH Powered by MediaAlpha Get: vacationflighthotelcar rental Get: vacationflighthotelcar rental

What is Wyandotte Michigan famous for?

The first vessel in the United States to have a hull made of steel was a tugboat named the Sport, which was constructed in 1873 by Ward’s Wyandotte Iron Ship Building Works.In 1942, many murals depicting the shipbuilding industry were painted, and those paintings may be found to this day in the auditorium of Theodore Roosevelt High School.These murals have become a part of shipbuilding lore.

Is Wyandotte a good area?

The city of Wyandotte is a wonderful location to call home. It is a great place for families, and it possesses the charming atmosphere of a little town. A small town located around two hours and twenty minutes south of Detroit. Young adults are being prepared for life outside of school by attending public institutions.

Is Wyandotte a suburb of Detroit?

With a total population of 24,944, Wyandotte is counted as a suburb of Detroit. The city of Wyandotte is located in Wayne County.

How far is Wyandotte from Grand Rapids?

Distance conversions

Distance type Miles Kilometers
Straight line distance 138.16 mi 222.34 km
Driving distance 164 mi 263.32 km

How is Wyandotte pronounced?

The Wyandotte, whose name is pronounced ″Why-en-Dot,″ is a heritage breed of chicken that has been around since the 1870s. It was given its name in honor of the Wyandot people, who were indigenous to North America.

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What river runs through Wyandotte Michigan?

Wyandotte is a city located in Wayne County in the state of Michigan, United States.It is situated on the banks of the Detroit River, to the southwest of the city of Detroit.It was laid out in 1854 on the site of a Huron hamlet that had existed near the location where the Ottawa leader Pontiac had plotted his attack on Detroit in 1763.The settlement wasn’t established until approximately 1820.

Is Wyandotte Michigan a safe place to live?

The total crime rate in Wyandotte is 15 per 1,000 persons, which places it in close proximity to the average crime rate for all cities and towns in America, regardless of their population size. Based on our examination of statistics provided by the FBI, the probability of being a victim of crime in Wyandotte is one in every 67 residents.

What cities are suburbs of Detroit?

  1. Allen Park and the other southern and downriver suburbs
  2. The Township of Brownstown
  3. Dearborn
  4. Located in Dearborn, Heights,
  5. Ecorse
  6. Flat Rock
  7. Garden City
  8. [and]
  9. Gibraltar

What cities are considered metro Detroit?

  1. Which cities are considered to be a part of the Greater Detroit Area? Detroit
  2. Troy
  3. Southfield
  4. Farmington Hills, as well as
  5. Bloomfield Hills
  6. Birmingham
  7. Livonia
  8. Rochester Hills

Is Pontiac a suburb of Detroit?

Pontiac is located around 20 miles (32.2 kilometers) to the north of Detroit and is considered to be a northern suburb of Metro Detroit. Pontiac, which was established in 1818, followed Dearborn as the second European-American organized town in the state of Michigan close to Detroit.

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