How Large Is Montana?

With a total land area of 381,154 square kilometers (147,042 square miles), Montana is the fourth-largest state in the United States and is comparable in size to either Germany or Japan. There are a number of mountain ranges spread out throughout the westernmost portion of Montana.

What is the state of Montana?

The state of Montana in its entirety. The state of Montana may be found in the western part of the United States. This state’s neighbors to the north and south are North Dakota and South Dakota as well as Idaho and Wyoming. It extends across an area of 147,040 square miles and includes both grasslands and mountain ranges in its terrain composition.

What are 5 interesting facts about Montana?

Of the fifty states that make up the United States, Montana has the fourth-largest total land area, the eighth-fewest residents, and the third-fewest population per square mile. A large number of mountain ranges may be found in the western portion of Montana. The majority of the state is made up of much smaller island ranges.

How big is Montana compared to other countries?

  • If Montana were a nation, it would come in at number 61 on the list of about 200 countries in terms of total land area.
  • This would make it one of the biggest states in the world; in fact, it would be slightly larger than Japan.
  • However, given that size is frequently easier grasped through visual representation, such statistics might not offer you a very good understanding of how Montana’s girth truly compares to that of other countries.

How many acres of land does Montana have?

About 35 percent of the land in Montana is under the administration of federal and state authorities, which oversees roughly 31,300,000 acres (127,000 km 2). Ten national forests have a total of 16,800,000 acres (68,000 km 2) of forested land that is managed by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service.

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How many miles is Montana across?

Length 255 mi (410 km)
Width 630 mi (1,015 km)
Elevation 3,400 ft (1,040 m)

Why is Montana population so low?

  • Homesteaders traditionally were responsible for settling Montana on vast plots of land, which were then subdivided among individual families.
  • Agriculture is the primary source of economic activity in this area, and the dispersal of the population is a contributor to the low population density that exists here.
  • Both the cultivation of cereal grains and the raising of livestock need enormous tracts of land.

Is Montana Big or small?

According to the results of the most recent census, the state of Montana, which is the fourth-largest in the US in terms of landmass, is home to a total population of 989,415 people. Because it contains the most up-to-date and reliable information, we utilize the census from 2010. Since that time, certain locations, and quite a few overall, have shrunk while others have expanded.

Is Montana a large state?

Although it is the fourth biggest state in the United States in terms of land area, after Alaska, Texas, and California, Montana is one of the least densely inhabited states in the country. The state’s average population density is barely six persons per square mile.

How long does it take to drive from one side of Montana to the other?

How long would it take to drive all the way across the state of Montana? In terms of how long it would take to drive across Montana, traveling from east to west across the state would take more than ten hours if there were no stops, but traveling from north to south across the state would take between five and six hours.

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Who is a famous person from Montana?


Name Lifetime Montana connection
Scott Michael Campbell 1971–present Born in Missoula
Dana Carvey 1955–present Born in Missoula
Gary Cooper 1901–1961 Born and raised on a ranch near Helena
Walter Coy 1909–1974 Born in Great Falls

Is it cheaper to live in Texas or Montana?

The cost of living in Texas is 3.8 percent lower than in Montana.

Does Montana have a desert?

The Desert is about 2.2 miles up Delmoe Lake Road and immediately after the former Northern Pacific rail line. It is conveniently located right off the Pipestone exit of Interstate 90. It is a good location for climbing during the winter months in Montana due to its ease of access and dry winter weather. The Desert is seeing a renaissance in this day and age.

Is Montana overpopulated?

There are just three states in the United States that are larger than Texas, which has a total land area that is more than 145,552.43 square miles. On the other hand, there are only 6.86 people living in an average of one square mile of land (or 2.65 people living in an average of one square kilometer), which places Montana at the 48th most densely inhabited location in the country.

What percent of Montana is black?

This information was obtained on June 21, 2022, from the website In the year 2020, the Hispanic population made up 4.2 percent of the overall population of Montana, while whites made up 85.7 percent, blacks made up 0.5 percent, American Indians and Alaska Natives made up 6.0 percent, and Asians and Pacific Islanders made up 1.0 percent.

Is Montana cheap to live in?

  • When it comes to the overall cost of living, the figures collected by MERIC during the third quarter of 2021 place Montana in the thirty-first position.
  • This indicates that the cost of living in Montana is higher than it is in the majority of the country.
  • If you have your heart set on living in the Rocky Mountain region, then Wyoming, which was placed 18th on the same list, is a lot more inexpensive choice for you to consider.
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Is Montana a safe place to live?

Even though the rate of violent crime is on the rise, 31% of people living in Montana still consider their own state to be safe. People who live in the Big Sky Country tend to have a far lesser anxiety for the possibility of being shot by another person. When compared to the percentage of Americans who report feeling safe in their own state, 66 percent of Montanans say they do.

What is Montana best known for?

  1. Yellowstone National Park is the most well-known attraction in Montana.
  2. Mountains of the Bighorn
  3. Wildlife
  4. Sapphires
  5. Abundant mineral reserves to be found

What is the best place to live in Montana?

  1. These are the ten best cities in Montana to call home, according to Bozeman.
  2. Dillon.
  3. The Four Corners
  4. East Helena.
  5. Helena.
  6. Livingston.
  7. Missoula.
  8. Whitefish. Whitefish, which is a resort town, is one of the most frequented vacation spots in all of Montana because of its proximity to Glacier National Park.

Does it snow in Montana?

In Montana, the Rocky Mountains in the western half of the state receive an average annual snowfall of up to 300 inches (25 feet), while the eastern half of the state receives as little as 20 inches. The majority of the nation’s bigger cities receive between 30 and 50 inches of snow per year on average.

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