How Long Is The Tunnel Of Trees In Michigan?

Between Harbor Springs and Cross Village, the historic M-119 scenic path, sometimes known as the Tunnel of Trees, travels along the shore of Lake Michigan. You will get to enjoy forest canopies, ridiculously adorable tiny villages, and wonderful local food all within the span of this 20-mile trip.

How long is the drive through the Tunnel of Trees?

Driving through the Tunnel of Trees at its highest speed of 45 miles per hour takes around 40 minutes; however, this time increases to closer to 50 minutes when the extra 10 miles into Petosky are taken into account.However, if you stop at some of the numerous sites that are located along the route, it is very likely that you will spend at least three hours traveling along this section of road.

Where does the Tunnel of Trees start and end?

The entrance to the Tunnel of Trees is located at Harbor Springs, which is a short distance north of Petoskey. They come to an end just about the Cross Village.

Is the Tunnel of Trees worth it?

The Tunnel of Trees in Michigan is an excellent destination for an autumn color tour in the state of Michigan; however, it is also worthwhile to visit throughout the summer and winter months.Tunnel of Trees in Michigan is a wonderful place to visit if you take pleasure in going on beautiful drives.Come along with us as we travel across northern Michigan and the world-renowned Tunnel of Trees Scenic Heritage Route.

What kind of trees are in the Tunnel of Trees?

A mature broadleaf and pine tree dominated the understory of this mixed woodland. The natural splendor of this route, also known as the ″tunnel of trees,″ is stunning in the spring and summer, but it reaches a new level of majesty in the fall when the leaves are at their most vibrant.

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How long does it take to drive around Michigan?

The circumnavigation of Lake Michigan is approximately 1,100 miles long and will take around 15 hours of continuous driving time if you do not stop. If you want to travel the entire route, though, you need give yourself at least a week’s worth of time since you will, of course, want to make stops along the way.

Is Harbor Springs worth visiting?

The charming town of Harbor Springs is located on the coast of the Great Lakes and is known for being one of the most beautiful places to visit in the state of Michigan. Due to its close proximity to a variety of exciting activities, such as skiing, sailing, and incredible beaches, visitors of all ages and interests can enjoy themselves in this town throughout the entire year.

What is the best time to see fall colors in Michigan?

Around the end of September and the beginning of October is when the autumn foliage in the Upper Peninsula and the northern part of the Lower Peninsula is at its most vibrant. Then, the period between the beginning of October and the middle of the month constitutes the busiest time for the southern half of the Lower Peninsula.

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