How Much Is Montana State University?

Full-time enrollment at Montana State University costs $23,059 per year to Montana residents, making it the most expensive public university in the state.This total cost includes tuition in the amount of $5,654, housing and board in the amount of $10,400, the cost of books and supplies in the amount of $1,450, and any other applicable fees totaling $1,717.The overall cost for out-of-state residents comes to $42,489, which is an increase of 84.3 percent compared to the cost for residents of Montana.

How much is tuition at Montana State University (MSU)?

The tuition and fees for undergraduate students attending Montana State University (MSU) in 2019 are $7,277 for residents of Montana and $24,993 for those attending from other states.

How much does college cost in Montana?

The price is 55% less expensive than the state’s average tuition for four-year universities in Montana, which is $12,524 a year.The tuition is the sixth most affordable option among four-year institutions in Montana, and it is the fifth most costly option among four-year colleges in the state.The tuition is $23,890 if you are attending from another state, which is a 323 percent increase over the in-state rate.

Are Montana State University application fees refundable?

It is not possible to get a refund for these costs, nor can they be used to the payment of any other fees.The application fee will be waived for the student for a period of one academic year beginning with the semester for which the student is applying.The legislation of Montana and the policies of the Board of Regents are what decide whether a person is considered a resident or non-resident for the purposes of fees.

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Is Montana State University a good school?

In the edition of Best Colleges that was published in 2020, Montana State University was ranked 246th among National Universities. The tuition and fees for residents of the state are $7,472, while those from outside the state are $25,708.

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