How To Change Last Name In Missouri?

In order to alter one’s name in a manner that is recognized by the law, citizens of the state of Missouri are required to file a petition with the circuit court of the county in which they reside. When a request to alter one’s name is granted permission, an announcement of the new name must be published for a period of at least three (3) weeks.

How to get a title in Missouri with a last name?

1. Send in an application for a Missouri driver’s license and title that has been completely filled out (Form DOR-108). 2 Submit your current title certificate. 3 Please provide evidence that your name has been changed (e.g. marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order). 4 Make sure you pay the title charge of $14.50.

How do I change the name on my car registration in Missouri?

  • Applying for a new title in your new name is required in order to alter the name that appears on a car registration.
  • Complete the Application for a Title and License in the State of Missouri.
  • You will also be required to bring in the original title, as well as papers verifying the change in your legal name.
  • There is also a nominal charge involved (11 dollars) if you choose to change your title.

How do I Change my Social Security name in Missouri?

  • A name change with Social Security is an important step to take, not only in Missouri but everywhere else in the United States.
  • It is recommended that you make the appropriate changes to your driver’s license and any other papers as soon as possible.
  • You can change your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA) by bringing or mailing in the appropriate documentation to your local SSA office.
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How much does it cost to change your last name Missouri?

The costs are vary for each county, which is determined by where the petition is actually submitted. It is estimated that you will spend between $150 and $200 for it.

How do I change my last name after marriage in Missouri?

  • The necessary documents are as follows: You will need to produce evidence that your name has been legally changed in Missouri, such as your marriage certificate, a court decree, or a Social Security card that has been updated.
  • You may also be required to supply further information and paperwork, such as the date and location of your birth as well as evidence that you now reside in the state of Missouri.

What do I need to change my name in Missouri?

Documents That Can Be Used As Evidence That Your Name Has Been Changed It is possible that you may be asked to provide legal documentation as proof of your name, date of birth, and place of birth, as well as your social security number and residential address in the state of Missouri.

How much does it cost to change your name in Missouri after marriage?

When changing your name through the Social Security Administration, you won’t have to worry about paying any related costs. Your new Social Security card will come in the mail with your new married name approximately two weeks after you have submitted your application.

Can I legally change my last name?

Changing a surname. There is nothing in the law that prevents you from changing your last name at any point, just like there is nothing that prevents you from changing your first name as long as you do not have any fraudulent (or other illegal) motive. You are free to adopt a surname of your choosing, either in addition to or in place of the surname you now use.

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Can I change my last name without getting married?

It is perfectly legal for either one of you or both of you to change your last name to coincide with that of your partner in order to give the impression that you are a married couple even if you do not intend to get married or enter into a civil partnership. This can be done in lieu of getting married or entering into a civil partnership.

How do I change my name after marriage?

The Definitive Guide to Changing Your Name in 10 Easy Steps

  1. Obtain Copies of Your Certified Copies of Your Marriage License
  2. Keep your Social Security card up to date.
  3. Have a New Driver’s License Issued to You
  4. Obtain a Brand-New Passport in Addition to Other Travel Documents
  5. Make the Appropriate Changes to Your Bank Accounts
  6. Alter the Name That Is Printed on Your Credit Cards
  7. Your employer will need to be informed of your new name as well as your banking information.

How do I change my name on my Social Security card in Missouri?

  • In order to alter your name on your card, you will need to provide us with documentation verifying both your identification and the legal change to your name.
  • You are also need to present a document to us that verifies your citizenship in the United States, if such information is not already included in our files.
  • You are required to produce either the original papers or copies that have been certified by the organization that issued the documents.

How do I change my name on my birth certificate in Missouri?

In the state of Missouri, an applicant who wants to legally change their name is required to file a petition with the court. Within twenty days following the court’s ruling, the person requesting the name change is required to publish an announcement of the change in a newspaper at least once each week for a period of three weeks.

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How long does it take to change your name?

Changing your name is not something that can be accomplished quickly; rather, it calls for methodical planning and compliance with a variety of challenging pre- and post-gazette publishing requirements. Depending on how long it takes to get your name changed published in the gazette, it might be anywhere from four to eight weeks.

How old do you have to be to legally change your name in Missouri?

Petition for Change of Name – Adult Individuals aged 18 and older who are interested in changing their name have the option of doing so by submitting a Petition for Change of Name (For Adult Individual) (CAFC401). In order for a request to alter one’s name to be considered, the petition must contain some essential elements that are mandated by the law.

How do I change my name?

Actions to Take in Order to Change Your Name Legitimately

  1. Put in a request to legally change your name by submitting a completed name change form, an order to prove reason for legally changing your name, and a decree to legally change your name
  2. Bring these paperwork and the appropriate filing fees necessary by your state to the court clerk so that they may be processed

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