How To Get A Class A Grow License In Michigan?

Capitalization Requirements In order to submit an application for a Class A MMFLA Grower License from the state of Michigan, you are need to demonstrate that you have access to at least $150,000 in liquid capital.This comprises a minimum of 25 percent in cash or assets that are quickly convertible into cash, such as certificates of deposit, equities, or bonds.The minimum amount required is $37,500.

How much is a Class A growers license in Michigan?

Initial fees are as follows: $1,000 for event organizers and designated consumption establishments; $4,000 for class A growers; $8,000 for class B growers and microbusinesses; $25,000 for retailers, secure transporters, and safety compliance facilities; and $40,000 for class C growers, excess growers, and processors.

How do I get a grow card in Michigan?

You have the option of submitting your application for a grow license in the state of Michigan either online or by using paper forms. The application process is broken down into two stages: the first stage is called pre-qualification, and the second stage is called license qualifying (step two).

How many plants can you grow in Michigan with a commercial license?

Stacking one’s licenses As was mentioned before, an adult-use class C license enables the cultivation of 2,000 plants. You are permitted by state law to have a maximum of five (5) class C licenses at one time, with the ability to stack these licenses. As a result, the maximum number of plants for adult use that you are allowed to own at any given moment is 10,000.

How much is a Class C growers license in Michigan?

The following reductions in fees are also being proposed by the organization: The application fee for a license to operate a marijuana company has been reduced from $6 000 to $3 000. From a high of $40,000 to a low of $24,000 for Class C cultivation permits and licenses for processors. For retail, testing lab, and transporter permits, the price dropped from $21,000 to $15,000.

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Can you sell clones in Michigan?

The medical marijuana store in Michigan will be the first in the state to sell cannabis plants for personal cultivation. Pure Options has said that they would be the first cannabis dispensary in Michigan to provide clones of cannabis plants for sale to the general public.

How much does a micro grow license cost in Michigan?

What kind of costs are associated with starting a marijuana microbusiness? The applicant must pay a fee of $6,000 in order to submit a request for a license to operate a marijuana microbusiness in the state of Michigan. In the event that a license is issued, a regulatory charge of $8,000 will be assessed.

How do you get a micro grow license in Michigan?

How can I submit an application for a license to operate a microbusiness?

  1. Fees/Costs: The application fee is $6,000 USD. The first licensing fee is $8,000, which must be paid before the license can be obtained.
  2. The procedure for applications. The first step is to submit an application for prequalification, which involves conducting a criminal and financial background check on specified persons working for the applicant firm

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