How To Get A Dealers License In Missouri?

  1. Participate in an educational seminar for Missouri dealers
  2. Please fill out the Dealer Application.
  3. Successfully complete a check of your criminal history
  4. Register the Name of Your Dealership with the Secretary of State in the State of Missouri
  5. You are required to have a physical location for your company.
  6. You Absolutely Need To Have A Display Lot
  7. You Need A Sign For Your Business
  8. Please Include a Photograph Of Your Company

How much does it cost to get a dealer license in Missouri?

The cost of the annual license is $150, and it is valid from the first of the year to the last day of the year.If you wait until later in the year to receive your driver’s license, the charge for that license will be modified such that it covers the remaining time in the year.The first year’s charge for a dealer license plate in the state of Missouri is $50, and each additional plate is $10.50.

How do I get my dealers license in Mo?

How to get your dealer’s license to sell motor vehicles in the state of Missouri

  1. Determine the kind of license required for auto dealers
  2. Participate in a program designed to educate dealers
  3. Register the dealership with the Secretary of State in the state of Missouri
  4. Obtain a location for your company that is open permanently
  5. Carry out an investigation of your past illegal activity
  6. Obtain an agreement to operate a franchise, if one is required

How do you get a dealers license without a car lot in Missouri?

How to Obtain a License to Sell Automobiles Without Owning a Storage Lot

  1. Please get in touch with the Zoning Department.
  2. Get in touch with the Office of the Secretary of State.
  3. Make sure you get in touch with the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  4. Fill out the application to become an automobile dealer.
  5. Make an application for a surety bond.
  6. Finish a training course for dealership personnel
  7. Register the Business Name.
  8. Fill out an application for a Sales Tax Number
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How many cars can you own in Missouri without a dealers license?

A person is considered a motor vehicle dealer in the state of Missouri if they engage in the business of selling, bartering, leasing, or exchanging more than 6 motor cars in a single calendar year. The following is a rundown of the procedures you need to complete in order to obtain your Missouri Car Dealer License.

How many cars can you sell per year Missouri?

It is important to be aware that people are permitted to sell up to six automobiles in a single calendar year provided that those vehicles are titled in their name and that they are utilized mostly for personal, family, and home usage. You might want to check into getting a dealer’s license. Have a look at this page for more information about selling vehicles without a license.

Can I drive with dealer plates in Missouri?

  • (3) Dealer license plates or certificates of number may only be used by an employee, owner, or officer of the licensee, a customer who is test driving a motor vehicle, trailer, or vessel owned by the dealer, or a customer whose vehicle is being serviced or repaired at the dealership.
  • Customers who are test driving a motor vehicle, trailer, or vessel owned by the dealer are not permitted to use dealer license plates or certificates of number.

Can you sell cars on Sunday in Missouri?

This is due to the fact that it is against the law in the state of Missouri to sell autos on Sundays. There are other states besides Missouri that do not permit the purchase of automobiles on Sundays. In addition to Pennsylvania, Colorado, Wisconsin, New Jersey, New Jersey, Illinois, and Minnesota, this provision is also enforced in many more states.

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Is Missouri a ELT state?

Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin are among the states that provide an English Language Training (ELT) program. Other states that do so include Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, and Louisiana.

How many dealer plates can I get in Missouri?

Dealers of new and used recreational motor vehicles are only allowed one additional plate or certificate of number for every ten qualified transactions after their first fifty sales. After that, they are limited to two additional plates or certificates of number per ten qualified transactions annually.

How do I register my car as a dealer?

Prerequisites for Becoming a Licensed Automobile Dealer

  1. A letter on the letterhead of the company, describing the type of business being conducted
  2. Notification letter naming the proxy
  3. An authenticated copy of the proxy’s identification
  4. A document that demonstrates compliance with regard to the entity applying
  5. An exemption from taxation from SARS
  6. Proof of business address for the purposes of FICA, such as an account for water and lighting

How do you get a salvage license in Missouri?

Included in your application must be the required documentation. If you are applying to be a salvage dealer and dismantler, you are required to submit either a copy of the applicant’s Missouri Retail Sales Tax License or a statement signed by the owner confirming that the company only sells parts on a wholesale basis. If you do not have either of these, your application will be denied.

How do you buy a car at auction in Missouri?

To buy a car at a Dealer Auction with the intention of reselling it for a profit, an individual has to first get their own personal dealer’s license. A person is considered to be acting as an unlawful dealer in the state of Missouri if they acquire a car at a dealer-only auction, then sell that vehicle without first paying taxes, titling fees, or obtaining a license for the vehicle.

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How many cars can you sell without?

According to the standards established by the Department of Licensing (DOL), an individual without an auto dealers license is only permitted to sell a maximum of four autos in a given calendar year.

Can a dealer sell a car without inspection in Missouri?

Automobiles that were purchased from a Dealer A dealer is allowed to sell a car as long as it possesses an emissions inspection compliance certificate, regardless of whether the vehicle passed or failed the inspection and received a waiver during the previous 120 days prior to the date of sale.

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