How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Nevada?

  1. In the state of Nevada, prospective patients can submit an application for a medical marijuana card online; however, they will be required to provide confirmation from a licensed physician stating that they suffer from one of the qualifying medical conditions.
  2. They will first need to scan and submit a copy of their driver’s license before being able to establish a portfolio, fill out the application, and make an online payment.

Where can I get a medical marijuana card in Nevada?

Regarding the Registration of Medical Marijuana The Nevada Medical Marijuana Cardholders/Caregivers Program is a state registry program that is housed inside the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.

How long is a Nevada medical marijuana card valid for?

Since the day it was granted, a medical marijuana card in Nevada is good for either one or two full years from the date it was first used. On the application form, you will be given the option to select the plan that corresponds to your registration card. In order to reapply for the card after it has expired, you will need to provide a valid recommendation from a physician.

Can I get a medical marijuana card from my home state?

  1. Therefore, if you are in possession of a medical marijuana card issued by the state in which you reside, you are able to show it at a medical dispensary.
  2. Be careful to give this dispensary a call in advance to confirm if they are prepared to accept the card issued by your state.
  3. Why speaking with a cannabis physician over the internet is preferable.
  4. In many cases, primary care physicians are unwilling to discuss the use of medicinal cannabis as a potential treatment option.
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How do I make a change to the Nevada medical marijuana registry?

Email sent to [email protected] is the approved method for making changes. Or you can send your application to the Medical Marijuana Registry at the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, 4150 Technology Way Suite 101, Carson City, Nevada 89706. There are no costs connected with making a change, updating, or reporting a lost item.

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