How To Have A New Jersey Accent?

The letter ″h″ that comes after a ″t″ should be dropped when speaking with a strong Jersey accent. For example, ″thrifty″ should be pronounced as ″trifty.″ Step 4: Say ″dd″ when you hear the letter ″tt.″ If you want to seem like you have a New Jersey accent, try pronouncing double t’s as if they were double d’s, as in ″I’m waiting for the mailman because I’m expecting a ledder.″

How realistic is the New Jersey accent?

It was never hilarious because it never even somewhat resembled reality. The characters’ accents on ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ and ‘Jersey Shore’ on MTV fall in between Staten Island-speak and an oversimplification of the nuanced reality that is the way New Jerseyans talk. Staten Island-speak is more prevalent. Who are the Collingwoods in the movie ″Silver Linings Playbook?″

How hard is it to get a South Jersey accent in movies?

Good luck finding an actor in a movie that actually speaks with a South Jersey accent if that’s what you’re looking for! The majority of southern New Jersey has an accent that has a faint ″twang″ characteristic of the South and is probably impossible to imitate convincingly without going overboard.

What words sound like South Jersey?

If you want to seem like you’re from South Jersey, try using words like ″wooder″ and ″wudder.″ Most people pronounce ‘log,’ ‘fog,’ ‘hog,’ and ‘bog,’ among other words, the same way they say ‘dog’ (for example, ‘lawg’).Roughly half of the people living in South Jersey give the words ″roof″ and ″hoof″ the same vowel sound as the word ″put,″ and many of them also give the word ″root″ the same pronunciation.

Are our accents just as big as our egos?

Our egos and our hair are nothing compared to the size of our accents. Before I started attending a school in Pennsylvania, I had never before questioned whether or not I had a New Jersey accent. When my pals from Pennsylvania hear me pronouncing certain things in a ″strange″ way, they have a field day laughing at me.

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