How To Register A Boat In Michigan?

You must ensure that you have a title or a bill of sale for your boat, regardless of whether it is brand new or just new to you.Once you have all of this information, you will need to go to the office of the Secretary of State in order to complete the first registration process.Once you have it, you will be given a decal that is good for three years (this year, 2021, the decals are RED and say 24 for 2024 on them).

What is needed to register a boat in Michigan?

  1. To apply for the title, you will need to go to a Secretary of State office in person, bring your identification with you, and provide evidence that you are the owner of the watercraft, such as the registration. When and what brand the car was purchased
  2. Vehicle identification number, abbreviated as VIN
  3. Name and address of the purchaser
  4. The name and address of the seller

How do I register my boat for the first time in Michigan?

Boat owners have the option of registering their vessels in person at the Secretary of State’s office, online, or by mail. Visit for further information. You are going to have to register your yacht sooner or later, schooner. A boat without a registration is about as handy as a submarine with a screen door.

Do you need a title for a boat in Michigan?

Are watercraft required to have titles in the state of Michigan? Titles are required for any boats that are 20 feet or longer, as well as those that include an engine that is permanently attached, regardless of the length. The owner of a watercraft that does not need to have a title can get one if they want to even though it is not needed.

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Do I need insurance to register my boat in Michigan?

Boat insurance is not needed in Michigan, although all motorized boats are required to be registered. However, if you have a boat loan, the lender may require you to purchase boat insurance to safeguard their investment in your boat.

How do you register a boat?

How to Register a Boat

  1. Conduct research about the requirements for registering boats in your state
  2. Fill out an application in one of three different ways: in person, online, or in the mail.
  3. Provide evidence that you own the property, such as a title and/or a bill of sale
  4. Pay the registration cost, which varies depending on the size of the vessel and the state in which you live

Do I need a title for a boat trailer in Michigan?

If your trailer weighs more than 2,500 pounds while it is empty, you are required to secure a title from the Secretary of State in addition to the other requirements. If you recently acquired a used trailer, you will need to get the title changed into your name at a Secretary of State office. Bring the previous title with you.

How much is the registration of a boat in Michigan?

In the state of Michigan, the registration charge for motorized boats less than 16 feet long is $14, while the rate for boats between 16 and 21 feet long is $42 every three years.

Do you have to pay sales tax on a used boat in Michigan?

The whole amount of the purchase, which includes the cost of any accessories purchased separately, is subject to sales tax. It is not the responsibility of branch offices of the Secretary of State to collect sales tax from watercraft dealers. You are responsible for filing your sales tax returns and making payments to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

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Are boat registrations extended in Michigan?

Following the submission of a joint request letter with the Michigan Sheriff’s Association, the Michigan Boating Industry Association (MBIA) was pleased to see Governor Whitmer sign Executive Order 2020-101 late on Friday night. This order extends the period of time that watercraft registrations that were due to expire after February 1, 2020 to July 31, 2020.

Do you need to title a 14 foot boat in Michigan?

The State of Michigan’s Requirements for Boat Registration Titles are required for any watercraft that are longer than twenty feet and for all watercraft that have engines that are permanently installed.

Do you have to register a row boat in Michigan?

In order to legally operate your vessel on public waters in Michigan, you are required to obtain both a Certificate of Number (also known as registration) and validation decals. The following are the only exceptions: rowboats that are shorter than 16 feet in length and are owned privately. canoes and kayaks that do not have motors and are owned privately.

Is it legal to drink on a boat in Michigan?

It is not against the law in Michigan to consume alcohol while on the water.It is perfectly acceptable for passengers and the person operating the boat to have alcoholic beverages on board.However, we will no longer show any forbearance after this point.It is against the law to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, just as it is against the law to operate a motor vehicle.

Do I need a permit to launch a boat in Michigan?

The Department of Natural Resources has declared that it will henceforth charge a fee. In order to comply with the new legislation, boaters will need to acquire a Recreation Passport. This is the same pass that is needed to enter state parks as well as a few other bigger boat launches.

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What is needed to boat on Lake Michigan?

To navigate the waters patrolled by the Coast Guard or the Great Lakes, recreational boats that are at least 16 feet long are required to be outfitted with a minimum of either three day and three night pyrotechnic devices or one day non-pyrotechnic device, such as a flag, and one night device, such as an SOS light.

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