New York Times Digital Subscription How Many Devices?

  • As long as your digital membership extends to the number of computers, smartphones, and tablets you choose to use, you are free to use any combination of these devices to access the content you have paid for.
  • You may use any web browser, as well as any device, to visit
  • If you own more than one smartphone, you will be able to use the Times app on any smartphone you own, regardless of how many devices you own.

What is a digital subscription to the New York Times?

Discover the benefits of a digital membership to The New York Times, which includes unrestricted access to both our website and our mobile applications. Are you unable to locate what it is that you require?

Is the New York Times free on mobile devices?

Yes. The New York Times provides its print subscribers with a complimentary membership to its Digital Access service. This plan gives you free, unrestricted access to on any device you want. It also gives you the NYTimes app for your smartphone (iPhone® and AndroidTM-powered phones) and your tablet (iPad® and Android-powered tablets).

What are the different types of digital access subscriptions?

There are two different subscription tiers available for Digital Access: Basic Digital Access and All Digital Access. Additionally, the New York Times makes Group Digital Access subscriptions available to institutions of higher education as well as businesses. Visit Group subscriptions if you would like additional information regarding group subscriptions.

Can I use my NYT subscription on multiple devices?

Your digital or home delivery membership grants you access to The New York Times website (, allowing you to read the newspaper on any device you choose. Simply navigate to this website in order to download the NYTimes app onto your mobile device of choice.

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Can you share Times digital subscriptions?

If you are a Digital Subscriber, you will be required to download the free app and then log in using the email address and password that you used to register for the service. You can do this on as many as five different devices at the same time.

What is included in a New York Times digital subscription?

  • Unrestricted access to the entirety of The New York Times, including all of its news and commentary sections, as well as its Cooking, Games, and Wirecutter publications.
  • Online and inside the app for The New York Times, in-depth reporting, investigation, and analysis.
  • Spelling Bee, The Mini, more than 10,000 crosswords, and other puzzles may be found both online and in the smartphone version of The New York Times Crossword.

How much is an all access digital subscription to The New York Times?

Access without limits to all of the journalism we have to offer. Charged at a rate of $17 and $4 every 4 weeks for a period of one year. Can be canceled or put on hold at any time.

Can I share my NYT subscription with my wife?

Find out how you can provide your friends and family with free access to The New York Times by reading this article. Your ability to share a New York Times membership or a bonus subscription with friends and family may depend on the type of subscription you have purchased from The New York Times.

Can you share subscriptions in family sharing?

There is now support for subscriptions under Family Sharing. If you have Family Sharing enabled on all of your devices, you and a group of up to five other people will be able to share first- and third-party app and service subscriptions with one another concurrently.

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Is NY Times Digital subscription worth it?

I believe that the New York Times is worth an opportunity that should not be ignored with a very small fee, particularly for those who are addicted to the latest news and who are interested in international affairs. The New York Times has you covered and is worth a try due to its significantly lower cost in comparison to other news sources or news websites that cover worldwide topics.

How do you share the time app?

After downloading the appropriate application from the appropriate retailer (GooglePlay or the Apple App Store, depending on your device), you will be able to return to The Times or The Sunday Times to share a story. The list of applications and email accounts from which you are able to share an article will show once you have tapped the Sharing icon.

How do I get a free New York Times subscription?

How to acquire a free 72-Hour Pass to the New York Times

  1. On the website for the SF Library, locate the link labeled ″New York Times Digital code redemption,″ and click on it.
  2. Simply click the Redeem button to gain access for a period of three full days
  3. Register using the email address associated with your personal account, or click the ″log in here″ link if you have an existing account

Does NYT digital subscription include crossword?

You will get access to all of The New York Times Word Games and Logic Puzzles if you subscribe to New York Times Games. These games and puzzles include the following: Access to the Daily Crossword problems the evening before they are published in print and made available on The Crossword.

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What is the cost of a New York Times subscription?

The Big Apple (CNN Business) The New York Times has decided to initiate the very first price increase in its history by increasing the cost of its digital membership from $15 every four weeks to $17.

Do you get NYT cooking with NYT subscription?

Access to NYT Cooking is included in all print subscriptions to The New York Times as well as digital subscriptions that include ″All Access.″ If you currently have a subscription titled ″Basic,″ visit this link to view the many choices for upgrading your plan so that you may access the entirety of NYT Cooking.

What is All Access New York Times?

Regarding the total experience provided by the Times. READER FAVORITE. UPGRADES ARE AVAILABLE FOR ALL ACCESS. At this discounted price, you may read the News, as well as Cooking, Games, and Wirecutter. $6.25 and $1.50 each week for the first year of membership.

Is there a senior discount for New York Times?

There is no senior citizen discount available through The New York Times; however, there are a number of other methods to save money on weekly digital or print subscriptions. A one dollar per week discount on The New York Times’ Basic Digital Access membership is available to active duty service personnel, veterans, and their families.

How do I get around the NYT article limit?

If you come across a page on the New York Times website that requests payment in order for you to continue reading, all you have to do is click the bookmark for NYTClean that is located in your toolbar. It suddenly functions properly, and a link to a free edition of the article is provided to you.

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