What Channel Is Cbs In Springfield Missouri?


Springfield, Missouri United States
Channels Digital: 10 (VHF) Virtual: 10
Branding KOLR 10 (general) KOLR 10 News (newscasts) (pronounced as ‘Color 10’)
Affiliations 10.1: CBS 10.2: Laff 10.3: Grit 10.4: Shop LC

What TV stations are in Springfield MO?

You can discover your local channel guide, which stations are digital, and the areas that are covered by each network’s local coverage by seeing the complete list of NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX stations in Springfield, Missouri.

Where can I watch KOLR in Springfield MO?

For the majority of viewers in the Springfield, Missouri region, we recommend Hulu Live TV. You’ll get access to 32 of the top 35 cable channels, including KOLR (CBS 10) and all of them.

How many stations does CBS have?

The CBS Television Network is an American television network that consists of approximately 200 affiliates as well as 14 stations that are owned and controlled by the network itself.This is a table containing a listing of CBS’s affiliates.CBS-owned stations and privately owned affiliates are distinguished from one another, and the stations are organized in alphabetical order according to the city in which they are licensed.

What channel is Court TV on in Kansas?

H&I aired on channel 15.2, True Crime Network aired on channel 15.3, Court TV aired on channel 15.4, and Ion aired on channel 15.5. KCIT-TV (Kansas City) – Ind. – Kansas City aired on channel 50 from October 29, 1969 to July 7, 1971. The letters Ags. Camp. Chis.

What local channel is CBS in Missouri?

St. Louis, Missouri stations (stations for St. Louis)

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Display Channel Digital Channel Network
04-1 24.1 CBS
04-2 24.2 COZI TV
04-3 24.3 MyN

What is Channel 27 in Springfield Missouri?

KOZL-TV, also known as channel 27, is a MyNetworkTV-affiliated television station that can be seen in Springfield, Missouri, in the United States.

How can I watch Kolr 10?

KOLR, located in Springfield, Missouri, is an affiliate station of the CBS local network. You are able to view KOLR’s local news, as well as the weather, traffic, live sports, and programming from daytime, primetime, and late night. Either by installing an antenna tuned to Channel 10 or by subscribing to a live streaming service, you will have the ability to see the broadcast channel.

What channel is NBC on in Springfield Missouri?

NBC owns and operates the television station known as KYTV (channel 3), which is located in Springfield, Missouri, in the United States.

What is CBS local channel?

Stations that are owned as well as operated by the same company

City of license/Market Station Channel TV (DT)
New York City WCBS-TV 2 (36)
Philadelphia KYW-TV 3 (30)
Pittsburgh KDKA-TV 2 (25)
Fort Worth – Dallas KTVT 11 (19)

Is CBS off the air?

Cbs.com is online and accessible to us at this time.

What are the local channels in Springfield Missouri?

  1. Television KYTV – NBC
  2. KOLR – CBS
  3. KRBK – FOX
  4. KSPR – ABC
  5. KOZK is an abbreviation for Ozark Public Broadcasting
  6. PBS Online
  7. KSFX
  8. CityView News About the Local Government

How many TV stations are in Springfield MO?

The TV marketing region that encompasses Springfield, Missouri has ten regular broadcast TV channels in addition to an extensive selection of streaming services.

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What channel is ABC in Springfield MO?

Springfield, Missouri, in the United States is home to a low-power television station known as KSPR-LD (channel 33), which is associated with the ABC network. KSPR-LD.

Springfield, Missouri United States
Channels Digital: 34 (UHF) Virtual: 33
Branding KSPR ABC 33 (general) KY3 News (newscasts) MeTV Ozarks (on DT3)

Is KOLR10 on Roku?

KOLR10 News Now on Roku.

What channel is NBC on local antenna?

Where can I find NBC on the antenna’s channel guide?

Channel Name Direction Channel Number
NBC NNE (12 miles) 4

What local channel is Fox in Springfield MO?

As an affiliate of the Fox network, the television station KRBK (channel 49), which has its headquarters in Osage Beach, Missouri, United States, provides coverage of the Springfield metropolitan region.

What channel is ABC on in Missouri?

Check out Zap2it.com for the most recent news and notes on television programming. Mizzou Cable Channel Guide.

Channel Network
7-2 KOMU HD (CW)
8-2 KMIZ DT4 (MeTV)

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