What City In Connecticut Is Closest To New York?

Residents of New Rochelle have convenient access to New York City, as well as to Connecticut and the rest of upstate New York, thanks to the town’s location at the very southern extremity of Westchester County. Because of its direct connection to Manhattan through the Metro-North railway, this hamlet has long been known for its popularity among commuters.

Stamford is the largest city in Connecticut that is most convenient to New York City. If you are going through Stamford in the direction of the west, you will come upon a little wooded area around halfway between Stamford and Yonkers.

What are the best towns in Connecticut close to NYC?

The Finest Towns That Connecticut Has to Offer Close to NYC. Greenwich is a town that deserves to be considered a destination in its own right because to its location on the shore of the Long Island Sound. The picturesque and historically significant town has captivated thousands of guests from countries all over the world.

What is the closest city to the Connecticut border?

White Plains, New York is the location, and it is only a few miles away from the border with Connecticut. This rapidly developing metropolis offers nearly everything, including a rail ride to GCT that takes only 35 minutes.

How far is Connecticut from New York City?

The state of Connecticut is next to New York State. The distance from the northern boundary of New York City to Connecticut is somewhat less than 20 miles, and it is around 30 miles from downtown Manhattan. The trip should take roughly an hour if you drive.

What are the best commuter towns in Connecticut?

  • To put it simply, Greenwich deserves its reputation as one of the most well-known commuter towns in all of Connecticut.
  • Because of its lightning-fast rail system, the location has, for a very long time, been a magnet for workers who are headquartered in New York City.
  • Despite the fact that it is in a different state, commuters from Greenwich will be able to reach New York City in less than an hour.
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What parts of Connecticut is closest to New York?

Greenwich, Darien, and the other four of these Connecticut towns are among the finest in the state for commuting to New York City.

  1. Greenwich, Connecticut (including Cos Cob, Riverside, and Old Greenwich): forty-five minutes.
  2. Old Greenwich, Connecticut: fifty minutes.
  3. 51 minutes for Stamford (Connecticut)
  4. 68 minutes for New Canaan, Connecticut
  5. Darien, CT: 60 minutes.
  6. Norwalk, CT: 62 minutes

What NY towns border CT?

  1. Mt. Kisco, New York, Westchester County, New York, and Fairfield County, Connecticut
  2. New Canaan, CT
  3. Westport, Connecticut
  4. Scarsdale, NY
  5. Bronxville, NY
  6. Located at Mamaroneck, New York’s Wingedfoot Country Club

How far is the Connecticut border from New York City?

Driving from New York to Connecticut covers a total distance of 181 miles, which is equivalent to 291 kilometers.

Does CT border NY?

A map showing Connecticut’s location inside the United States. The state of Connecticut is located in the far northeastern part of the United States and is considered to be a part of the New England region. The large state to the north is Massachusetts, the relatively tiny state to the east is Rhode Island, and to the west is New York State.

Is Connecticut closer to New York or Boston?

The state of Connecticut may be found in the United States. Connecticut’s Relative Proximity to Major Cities

Connecticut Distance
Distance from Connecticut to New York 125 km
Distance from Connecticut to New Jersey 204 km
Distance from Connecticut to Boston 188 km
Distance from Connecticut to California 3,990 km

Is it cheaper to live in NY or CT?

The cost of living in New York, New York is 36.4% cheaper than the cost of living in Hartford, Connecticut. In order to keep up with your present lifestyle on the same budget, you would need an annual salary of $38,164. Firms in Hartford, Connecticut normally provide salaries that are 10.7 percent lower than those offered by employers in New York City, New York.

Where is Connecticut in relation to New York?

Long Island Sound can be found to the south of Connecticut, while Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York state can be found to the north, west, and west of Connecticut, respectively.

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Is Connecticut a good place to live?

Because of our highly regarded educational system, our comparatively low crime rate, our generally healthy population, and the many other factors that contribute to Connecticut’s great quality of life, our state routinely ranks among the best in the nation. lakes and ponds of various sizes that are completely unspoiled and ideal for fishing, hiking, and exploration.

Is New Jersey close to Connecticut?

New Jersey and Connecticut are separated by a distance. The distance from New Jersey to Connecticut, which includes both the travel distance and the driving distance, is 282 kilometers and 564 meters. The distance between these two travel points, measured in miles rather than kilometers, is 175.6 miles.

How far is Connecticut from upstate New York?

181 miles / 291 km

City: round-trip one-way
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How far is NY from Conn?

A total of 125 kilometers and 400 meters separate the state of Connecticut from the city of New York City when measured in a direct line. The distance from Connecticut to New York City is calculated to be 77.9 miles when using the mile system.

How long is New York from Bridgeport?

There are 53 miles that separate New York and Bridgeport from one another. The road trip covers a total of 59.3 miles in length.

What states touch Connecticut?

It shares its boundaries with Massachusetts to the north, Rhode Island to the east, Long Island Sound (an arm of the Atlantic Ocean) to the south, and New York to the west. Connecticut is located in the middle of the huge urban-industrial complex that runs down the Atlantic coast. The state’s official seat of government is located in Hartford, which is in the middle of the northern region.

Which state is close to New York?

  • The state of New York is bounded to the south by the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and to the east by the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont.
  • It also has a maritime border with Rhode Island, which is located east of Long Island, and an international border with the provinces of Quebec and Ontario in Canada, which are located to the north and northwest, respectively.
  • N.Y.
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What is Connecticut famous for?

The facts about Connecticut The state of Connecticut is well-known for its breathtaking autumn foliage, Yale University, and the fact that it is the home of ESPN, the most well-known cable sports channel in the United States.

Where is Connecticut in relation to New York?

Long Island Sound can be found to the south of Connecticut, while Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York state can be found to the north, west, and west of Connecticut, respectively.

Can you live in Connecticut and work in New York?

  • Because you are a resident of Connecticut, you are required to file a tax return in that state even if the income you report comes from another state.
  • As a resident of Connecticut, you are required to pay taxes on all of your income, regardless of the source of that money.
  • You are required to file a nonresident tax return in New York and pay state tax on any income you generated in the state even though you do not live there.

What is the best area to live in Connecticut?

  1. On the list of AreaVibes.com’s Best Places To Live In Connecticut 2022, the following towns and cities have been ranked the highest: 1: Old Greenwich, Greenwich
  2. 2: Cos Cob, in the town of Greenwich
  3. 3: the community of Cheshire Village in Cheshire
  4. 4. Simsbury Center and the town of Simsbury
  5. 5.
  6. 5: Middletown
  7. The town of Newington
  8. 7: West Hartford
  9. 8: Riverside, Greenwich

What is the cheapest city to live in Connecticut?

  1. Bristol is one of the most affordable places to live in Connecticut.
  2. Groton
  3. Hartford
  4. Meriden
  5. Middletown
  6. Britain, New
  7. Torrington
  8. Waterbury

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