What County Is White Bear Lake Minnesota In?

  • White Bear Lake is a city located in Ramsey County in the state of Minnesota, United States.
  • It was named for the lake.
  • There is also an extension of the city into Washington County, albeit it is rather modest.
  • At the time of the census in 2010, the population was 23,769.

White Bear Lake is one of the major lakes in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan region, and the city that bears the lake’s name is located on it.

  • When traveling in a southwesterly direction from White Bear Lake to Minneapolis, the distance is 14.58 miles; when traveling by automobile via the MN 36 W route, the distance is 19 miles (30.58 kilometers).
  • If you drive non-stop, the distance between White Bear Lake and Minneapolis is one hour and 23 minutes.
  • This is the quickest path that may be taken to get from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What is the meaning of White Bear Lake?

  • White Bear Lake, also known as Mathó Ská Bdé in the Dakota language, is a lake located in the northeastern section of the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan region in the U.S.
  • state of Minnesota.
  • It lies in the western part of Washington County and the northeastern part of Ramsey County.
  • White Bear Lake is where the city of White Bear Lake got its name, after the lake.

White-bear Lake is not as well-known as other lakes.

How did the city of White Bear get its name?

  • White Bear Lake, which is located in the surrounding area and serves as the city’s namesake, is said to have been given its name by Native Americans who had occupied the area in the past.
  • There is more than one version of the tales that surround the origin of the name that have been written by authors of Anglo-European descent.
  • The following passage is taken from Mrs.
  • Carl T.

Thayer, J.R.’s book ″Indian Legends of Minnesota.″

Is White Bear Lake a good place to visit?

  • White Bear Lake is the place to go to experience the beauty and excitement that Minnesota tourism has to offer since it offers a wide variety of activities, both indoor and outdoor.
  • White Bear Lake is excited to have you as a guest, and we can’t wait to meet you!
  • We have compiled a variety of materials and information with the assistance of our community in order to assist you in planning your trip.
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Is White Bear Lake a nice place to live?

White Bear Lake, which is located in Ramsey County, is widely regarded as one of the premier residential areas in the state of Minnesota. The majority of people who live in White Bear Lake own their houses, and the town has a feel that’s a blend of urban and suburban environments. There are several coffee shops and parks in White Bear Lake. White Bear Lake is located in Minnesota.

What is White Bear Lake Minnesota famous for?

Ma Barker, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Al Capone are just a few of the notorious gangsters who are rumored to have visited White Bear Lake. The name ″White Bear Lake″ originates from a mythology told by the Sioux people that a Sioux hunter once killed a white bear on Manitou Island, and the hunter’s ghost still resides on the island. White Bear Lake is located in the area.

Where is White lake Minnesota?

St. Louis County, Minnesota is home to the community of White. The total area of this lake is 123 acres. At its deepest point, it reaches a depth of around 9 meters (29 feet).

Is White Bear Lake draining?

  • The water that formerly covered more than 2,400 acres in White Bear Lake is gradually draining, and will ultimately make its way to the Mississippi River.
  • WHITE BEAR LAKE — The water from White Bear Lake is finally making its way into Bald Eagle for the first time in fifteen years.
  • The lake was recorded at 924.8 feet only the week before, which is 6 feet higher than its all-time low of 918.8 feet, which was achieved in October.

Is White Bear Lake rich?

In 2018, the average income for a resident of White Bear Lake was $37,907, placing the city in the upper middle income bracket when compared to both Minnesota and the rest of the US. This is equivalent to a yearly salary of $151,628 for a household with four people. On the other hand, White Bear Lake is home to a diverse population that includes both extremely rich and low-income residents.

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How many acres is White Bear Lake?

White Bear Lake is a lake in the state of Minnesota that encompasses a total area of 2,416 acres and can be found in both Ramsey County and Washington County.

Can you swim in White Bear Lake?

White Bear Lake is a community lake that is shared by White Bear Township as well as the cities of White Bear Lake, Dellwood, Mahtomedi, and Birchwood Village. The lake can be found on the east side of the City of White Bear Lake. At addition to the municipal swimming beach, there are public access sites in a number of other locations.

What Indigenous Land Is White Bear Lake?

Native Americans from the Dakota and Ojibwe tribes were among the first people to call the region around White Bear Lake home. These tribes used the area as a seasonal hunting and gathering location.

What fish are in White Bear Lake MN?

Species That Can Be Seen: The number of largemouth bass was above average, and their size was around average, with a few bigger fish in the population. There aren’t many many smallmouth bass, and their size is around average. Above-average number of bluegills present; most are of ordinary size, but there are a few that are bigger. Crappie: above average abundance, average size.

Does White Bear Lake have walleye?

White Bear Lake belongs to lake class 22 and has a mesotrophic environment. The lake has a maximum depth of 83 feet and covers a surface area of 2,427 acres, of which there are littoral areas on 1,314 of those acres (54.4 percent). Walleyes and muskellunge are the species that require the most attention from the management staff at White Bear Lake.

Is White Bear Lake a clean lake?

In comparison to other lakes in the metropolitan region, White Bear Lake has an exceptionally low level of pollution. Because it is located on top of a very modest watershed, there are not a great number of streams that contribute to the contamination of the water.

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Is White Bear Lake Shrinking?

According to a research compiled by the Freshwater Society, the Saint Paul region has lost more than a quarter of its total water volume over the course of the last ten years. White Bear Lake Restoration Association President Greg McNeely informed the Star Tribune that the number of people using the lake for recreational purposes has decreased by seventy percent.

What caused the problem with White Bear Lake?

Disputes Regarding White Bear Lake In 2012, a lawsuit was brought against the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) over allegations that the DNR had permitted towns and businesses in the White Bear Lake region to utilize an excessive amount of groundwater. The complaint said that the usage of groundwater had caused lake levels to drop to unacceptable levels.

Where to eat in White Bear Lake?

Burgers White Bear Lake There’s a lot more to Lucy’s than just a fantastic spot to purchase a delicious burger. We are your neighborhood hangout of choice for meeting up with friends, enjoying a delicious burger, and splitting an order of onion rings, and we also have a comprehensive selection of bourbon and beer.

What is the ZIP code for White Bear Lake MN?

White Bear Lake, Minnesota has three different zip codes: 55110, 55115, and 55127. Only ZIP codes with 5 digits are included in this list. Make use of the tool on our website that allows you to seek for a zip code based on an address to obtain the complete 9-digit code (ZIP+4).

What county is White Bear Lake in?

The community of White Bear may be found in Washington County in the state of Minnesota. The total area of this lake is 2,428 acres. At its deepest point, it reaches a depth of around 83 feet.

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