What Do You Need To Get A State Id In Missouri?

For instance, many of the following documents are required in order to apply for a state ID: Disclosure of the bearer’s full name, birth date, and birthplace. Customers in Missouri have the option of providing either a valid or expired United States passport, a certified copy of their United States birth certificate, or their United States certificate of citizenship.

  1. Identification Documents
  2. Date of attainment of legal status
  3. A copy of the individual’s Social Security card
  4. And
  5. Documentation demonstrating residence in the state of Missouri

How do I get an out of state ID in Missouri?

When you apply for a Missouri identification card, a ‘VOID’ hole will be punched in any licenses or identification cards from other states. You have to submit your application for a Missouri non-driver ID card in person at a department of revenue branch in your area. The Department of Revenue does not take appointments for anyone applying for Missouri identification cards.

How old do you have to be to get a Missouri ID?

There is NO minimum age limit that must be met in order to submit an application for a Missouri non-driver ID card at the Department of Revenue (DOR) in Missouri. You are eligible to submit an application as long as you have a permanent address in Missouri. If you are a minor, your parent or legal guardian is the one who has to provide evidence of your identification and where you live.

What do I need to apply for a Missouri driver’s license?

If you have a Social Security card, you will need to have your Social Security number (but you do not need to bring in your Social Security card). Documentation establishing the individual’s identity, including their date, location, and time of birth (such as a birth certificate) is required. Evidence of residency in the state of Missouri (e.g. utility bill, pay check, or bank statement).

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What documents do you need to get an ID in Missouri?

Certificate of birth or passport serving as proof of identity. Include either your Social Security card or your W2 if you have it. Proof of Missouri Residency, such as an Electric Bill, a Pay Stub from Work, etc. immigration status: It’s possible that some documents can serve as evidence of both your identification and your immigration standing.

How much is a Missouri state ID?

  • The price of a Missouri identification card, whether compliant or standard, is the same but varies according to the length of time the card is valid for and the kind of license it is.
  • The cost of a non-commercial driver’s license for three years is $10, while the cost of a license valid for six years is $20.
  • IDs that do not serve as drivers’ licenses cost $11 each or are free for the purpose of voting.

What counts as proof of residency in Missouri?

Residence address. Bill for Utilities (Phone, Water, Gas, Electric, Trash or Sewer, Etc.) Only applicants who are less than 21 years old are allowed to have their parents or legal guardians produce a document bearing their name and address as well as a statement indicating that the applicant lives in their home.

Do you need your birth certificate to get your license in Missouri?

IDENTITY AND LAWFUL STATUS DOCUMENTS A birth certificate in the United States must be an original certified document that was issued by a vital records office. This document must include an embossed, stamped, or raised seal (hospital-issued birth certificates and birth registration cards or birth transcripts are not accepted).

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What is proof of identity?

Valid Driver’s License. A copy of the birth certificate. a card of identification issued by the state. Card of Identification Issued to Students Card for Social Security Numbers

How do I obtain a state ID?

In order to receive a state I.D. card, the departments of motor vehicles (DMVs) in most states need the following:

  1. The application form filled out in its entirety
  2. Evidence of citizenship in the United States
  3. Evidence of residence in the state
  4. Your number on the Social Security card
  5. Obtaining a copy of your thumbprint or fingerprints
  6. Obtaining a photograph of yourself
  7. Submitting a nominal charge

How long does it take to get a state ID in Missouri?

If you need a driver’s license or other form of identification that complies with the REAL ID Act, you should wait at least 10-15 business days from the date of your application until you receive the printed REAL ID-compliant card in the mail if you need one of these documents.

What is needed for REAL ID?

  • Documentation attesting to one’s identity, birth date, and current status as a lawful resident of the United States: a passport, passport book, or passport card from the United States that is current and has not yet expired.
  • The raised or approved seal of the issuing jurisdiction, or a protected equivalent, must be affixed to the original or a certified copy of the United States or a United States Territory birth certificate.

Where can I get a photo ID today?

Your neighborhood post office is among the most convenient places to obtain a picture ID card that is authorized by the government. Because it is recognized as a valid form of identification in every state in the United States, a post office ID card can be used there.

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What qualifies as proof of residence?

Utility bill, such as the account for municipal water and lighting, or the statement from the property management agency. Bank statement. Municipal councillor’s letter. Tax certificate.

How can I get a Social Security card without an ID?

If you have misplaced all of your identification documents and do not have a new Social Security card, the first important step that you should do is to obtain a copy of your birth certificate that has been officially certified.

What is a non driver identification card?

A photo identification card for someone who does not have a license to drive is called a non-driver ID. A non-identification driver’s card can be obtained by a person of any age. You need to apply at a DMV office in person. Check out the address, the procedures, and the booking information for your local DMV.

What is the deadline for REAL ID in Missouri?

On May 3, 2023, which is exactly one year from today, the federal REAL ID enforcement deadline will come into effect. Over 1.6 million REAL IDs have been issued in the state of Missouri since the 25th of March, 2019, when the Department of Revenue began providing driver licenses and ID cards that complied with the REAL ID Act.

What is a REAL ID in Missouri?

  • It is against the law for federal agencies to accept for official purposes driver licenses and ID cards issued by states that do not comply with the REAL ID Act’s minimum security standards for state-issued driver licenses and ID cards.
  • These standards were established following the passage of the REAL ID Act.
  • 2019 marked the year when Missouri’s REAL ID program reached its point of full implementation.

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