What Growing Zone Is Massachusetts?

  1. Growing zones in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts range anywhere from 5a to 7b.
  2. The concept of growing zones, which are often referred to as plant hardiness zones, is a method for determining which types of plants are likely to thrive in a certain region.
  3. On Gilmour’s Interactive Planting Zone Map, you may quickly and easily locate the growth zone that corresponds to your Massachusetts location.

The Berkshire mountains in the state of Massachusetts have a zone of 5a, whereas Cape Cod has a zone of 7a. The majority of western Massachusetts is located in climate zone 5b, whereas the majority of coastal eastern Massachusetts is currently classified as zone 6b. Climate zones 5b and 6b both have annual extreme low temperatures that range between 0 and -5 degrees Fahrenheit on average.

What is the planting zone for Massachusetts?

This interactive version of the USDA Hardiness Zone Map is based on the 1990 edition and includes the whole state of Massachusetts, which spans the range from USDA Zone 4b to USDA Zone 7a.

What plant hardiness zone is Nantucket?

  1. The USDA plant hardiness zone 7a encompasses the islands of Dukes and Nantucket, both of which have a moderate climate.
  2. In this relatively temperate zone, the lowest wintertime temperatures often range between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit on average.
  3. The southern coastal part of Bristol County, as well as the city of Barnstable and the rest of Barnstable County, are located in zone 7a.

This is also the case for the city of Barnstable.

What planting zone is Boston Massachusetts?

The Hardiness Zones and Heat Zones of the Major Cities in New England

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Major Cities State USDA Hardiness Zones
Boston Massachusetts 7a
Burlington Vermont 5a
Concord New Hampshire 5b
Danbury Connecticut 6b

What climate zone is Cape Cod?

  1. On the map of plant hardiness zones maintained by the USDA, Cape Cod and the Islands are located in the pale pink region, which corresponds to Zone 7a on the key.
  2. The fact that 7a is written on the colored swirls that span the United States and Canada may be difficult to see at first glance, but it is there.
  3. The graphic indicates that the temperatures that drop to their lowest range are between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

What planting zone is Spencer Massachusetts?

The USDA designates the areas surrounding Spencer, Massachusetts as Hardiness Zones 5b and 6a.

What planting zone is Framingham Massachusetts?

The USDA has designated Framingham, Massachusetts as having a Hardiness Zone of 6a.

What plants grow well in Zone 5b?

  1. Echinacea is one of the best plants for growing in zone 5.
  2. Bee balm
  3. Phlox
  4. Daylily
  5. Delphinium
  6. Rudbeckia
  7. Filipendula
  8. Sedum

What zone is New Bedford Massachusetts?

The USDA designates the areas surrounding New Bedford, Massachusetts as Hardiness Zones 6b and 7a.

What growing zone is Hyannis MA?

Hardiness Zones 7a cover the area around the 02601 zip code in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

What planting zone is Nantucket?

The USDA designates the areas surrounding Nantucket, Massachusetts as Hardiness Zones 7a and 7b.

What zone is Central Massachusetts?

Where in the Planting Zone Do You Rank Central Massachusetts? The majority of central Massachusetts is located in either zone 5b or 6a for plant hardiness. This indicates that the lowest temperature that may be reached in these regions is either -15 degrees Fahrenheit (-26 degrees Celsius) for Zone 5b or -10 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 degrees Celsius) for Zone 6a.

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What growing zone is Worcester Massachusetts?

We went to the USDA Hardiness Zone Map on the website of the US National Arboretum, clicked on the portion of the United States map that corresponds to Massachusetts, and discovered that Worcester, which is located in the center of Massachusetts, is in Zone 5a (average minimum temperature -15 to -20) to Zone 5b (average minimum temperature -10 to -15).

What zone is Plymouth MA?

The USDA has designated Plymouth, Massachusetts as having a hardiness zone of 6b.

What zone is Springfield Massachusetts?

The USDA designates the area surrounding Springfield, Massachusetts as having a Hardiness Zone of 6a.

What planting zone is Waltham Massachusetts?

The USDA designates the areas surrounding Waltham, Massachusetts as Hardiness Zones 6a and 6b.

What planting zone is Lowell Massachusetts?

The USDA designates Lowell, Massachusetts as having a Hardiness Zone of 6a.

What zone is Amherst MA?

Hardiness Zones 5b and 6a are represented by the 01002 zip code in Amherst, Massachusetts.

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