What Is A Montana Sapphire?

  • Simply put, a sapphire that originates from Montana is referred to as a Montana sapphire.
  • Yogo sapphires are also known as Montana sapphires; nevertheless, they come from a specific deposit that is famous for the beautiful cornflower blue hue it contains.
  • Corundum of gem-quality can be found in both rubies and sapphires.

Rubies are the only kind that come in red, but sapphires come in every other hue.

What is the color of Montana sapphire?

  • When they are mined, the majority of the sapphires that come from Montana are a light green to a blue-green hue.
  • There are very few sapphires that are a dark blue color or that have other fancy colors like yellow, orange, violet, or pink.
  • Due to the chemistry of the sapphires, only certain of the Montana sapphires can be heated to create more attractive colors of blue.

However, this is not possible for many of the sapphires.

Are Montana sapphires made in USA?

Starting a new window for the dialog. Pressing Escape will cancel, and then the window will shut. The dialogue window has ended. A lengthy and eventful past is associated with Montana Sapphires. These vibrant and unique hues are something that only mother nature can provide, so if you’re seeking for something that’s genuinely manufactured in the United States, you need look no farther.

What color is a ruby in Montana?

Gemologists refer to red corundum as ″Ruby,″ whereas they refer to corundum of any other hue as ″Sapphire.″ The majority of Montana Sapphires are found in color ranges that include blue, green, pink, and yellow; however, the tints of these Sapphires are somewhat distinct from the Sapphires found in other regions of the world.

Are Montana sapphires good quality?

Montana Sapphires sparkle due to their one-of-a-kind hues, outstanding clarity, origin in the United States of America, and exceptional durability. Sapphires found in Montana belong to the broader gem family known as ″corundum.″ Since of its high hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, corundum is an excellent choice for use in jewelry because it is exceptionally long-lasting.

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How rare are Montana sapphires?

Are Montana Sapphires Rare? There are not often extremely big rough chunks of sapphire discovered in Montana. The fact that a raw nugget will only give a cut stone that is around one third of the original size means that huge faceted Montana sapphires of fine grade are extremely uncommon.

How can you tell if a Montana sapphire is real?

  • Test the purported sapphire with the use of a flashlight when you are in a completely dark room.
  • This will help you determine whether or not the stone is genuine.
  • A light with the same hue as the sapphire should be reflected back if the stone is authentic.

If the diamond is a fake sapphire (which is typically made of glass), then you will see that the crystal has a variety of hues besides blue.

Do Montana sapphires sparkle?

The finished ring is even more stunning than either of us had anticipated it would be. Because of the way Jeff cuts their stones, they have a greater brilliance than stones obtained from most other sources. This level of brilliance in a sapphire has never been seen before.

Why is it called Montana sapphire?

Prospectors were despatched up every river and creek in Montana during the gold rush in the hopes of finding gold. There were certain instances in which gold was not discovered, but an abundance of sapphires was. Rock Creek, which is located in western Montana in the area that later became known as the Sapphire Mountains, was one of the waterways that was prospected for gold.

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Do Montana sapphires change color?

This sapphire was extracted from the ground in Montana, which is located in the United States. It has not been processed in any way, and its natural hue shifts from slightly greenish blue to slightly bluish green depending on the lighting.

What color is Montana sapphire?

When they are mined, the majority of the sapphires that come from Montana are a light green to a blue-green hue. There are very few sapphires that are a dark blue color or that have other fancy colors like yellow, orange, violet, or pink.

How do I clean a Montana sapphire?

If you want to keep your sapphire jewelry at its best, the easiest approach to clean it is with warm soapy water and a gentle brush. You should, however, avoid wetting the stone. When cleaning your jewelry, you should never use strong detergents, and you should never clean your jewelry with solvents like alcohol, acetone, or paint thinner.

Why is Montana sapphire so expensive?

As a result of the restricted resources for Montana sapphires, the vast majority of the natural Montana sapphires will be less than one carat in weight. To be more exact, the bulk of the sapphires weigh less than half a carat, and there is only a very small supply of sapphires that weigh more than one carat, which causes the stone to be significantly more expensive per carat.

What is so special about Montana sapphire?

The hue difference is one of the most obvious distinctions between them. Sapphires that come from Montana are one of a kind because the natural colors that they may be found in range from light pastels to distinctive blue-greens and smoky grays. Therefore, the color of a Montana sapphire may range from a soothing foliage green to a sky blue-gray.

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Where are Montana sapphires found?

  • There are three primary locations in the western half of the state that are known for producing fancy Montana Sapphires.
  • These locations include the Missouri River region close to Helena, Rock Creek in the Sapphire Mountains, and Dry Cottonwood close to Deer Lodge.
  • The majority of these sapphires need to be heated in order to be polished, which is a significant difference from the Yogo Sapphire.

Is a Montana sapphire the same as a Yogo Sapphire?

Sapphires from Montana may be found in a variety of colors, including green and yellow, in contrast to the Yogo Sapphires, which always have a vibrant blue tint. Even while there are rich sapphire mines in other regions of Montana, they seldom yield blue sapphires that have the remarkable color and purity of the ones that may be found in the Yogo Gulch.

What is a teal Montana sapphire?

Teal Montana Sapphire: This alluring gem is a category of sapphire known as a ″fancy sapphire,″ and it may be discovered in a variety of colors ranging from a medium blue to a green hue. At the moment, the ones with an even distribution of blue and green are the ones that are the most sought for and the rarest.

Are dark sapphires more valuable?

The most desirable qualities of a blue sapphire are a velvety blue to violetish blue coloration and a tone that falls anywhere between medium and medium-dark. The greatest rates per carat may be obtained for sapphires that possess these properties. Less desirable blue sapphires may also have a grey hue, be too pale or too dark, or fall somewhere in between.

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