What Is Minimum Wage In The State Of Michigan?

  • In 2022, workers earning the state’s minimum wage in Michigan will be eligible for a modest pay increase.
  • The current hourly wage in Michigan, which is $9.65, will be raised to $9.87 on January 1, 2022, marking an increase from the previous rate of $9.65.
  • The yearly timetable and increases are mandated under the Improved Workforce Opportunity Wage Act of 2018, which was passed in Michigan in 2018.

What is the 2021 Michigan minimum wage?

The state of Michigan will raise its minimum wage to $9.65 on January 1, 2021.

Is minimum wage going up to $15 an hour in Michigan?

The Raise the Wage Michigan Ballot Committee has proposed that the state of Michigan raise its current minimum wage of $9.87 an hour by $1 yearly increments over the course of the next five years, beginning with $11 in January 2023 and continuing all the way up to $15 by 2027. After the year 2027, the idea would call for yearly automatic changes to be made to account for inflation.

What states have a $15 an hour minimum wage?

Where are the minimum earnings of $15 an hour? In addition to the states of California and New York, the minimum hourly wage in nine other states is expected to rise to $15 during the next four years. These states are Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

What will Michigan’s minimum wage be in 2023?

The petition requests that the legislation of the state be changed to gradually increase the minimum wage over the course of the next five years. The state of Michigan’s minimum wage is currently set at $9.87 per hour. According to the petition, it would first reach $11 in the year 2023, after which it would climb by $1 year until it reached $15 per hour in the year 2027.

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What is a good hourly wage in Michigan?

The Typical Annual Wage in Michigan

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $89,420 $43
75th Percentile $67,065 $32
Average $63,166 $30
25th Percentile $44,710 $21

What is a livable wage in Michigan?

Calculation of Living Wage for the State of Michigan

0 Children 2 Children
Living Wage $16.36 $26.43
Poverty Wage $6.19 $6.37
Minimum Wage $9.87 $9.87

What does Mcdonald’s pay in Michigan?

Payscales at McDonald’s in the State of Michigan

Job Title Location Salary
Mcdonalds Crew Member salaries – 121 salaries reported Michigan $23,104/yr
Crew Member salaries – 119 salaries reported Michigan $23,478/yr
Cashier salaries – 110 salaries reported Michigan $23,473/yr
Cashier salaries – 55 salaries reported Michigan $25,173/yr

What state has lowest minimum wage?

Mississippi. There is no minimum wage law in this state. Employers who are required to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act are required to pay the federal minimum wage, which is now $7.25 per hour.

Who has the highest minimum wage?

The District of Columbia has the highest minimum wage in the United States as of the first of the year 2022, with a rate of 15.2 dollars United States per hour. The next state to raise its minimum wage was California, which did so to the amount of 15 dollars per hour in the United States.

What state has highest minimum wage?

  1. The ten states that will have the highest minimum wage rates in 2022 are as follows: Maine (tie), $12.75
  2. Arizona $12.80.
  3. New Jersey ties for 13 dollars
  4. Connecticut $13 (tie)
  5. $13.20 for New York City
  6. 8. the state of California, $14
  7. Massachusetts $14.25.
  8. $14.49 total for Washington. Since quite some time, Washington has been the state that sets the standard for other states to follow when it comes to high minimum salaries
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What US city has the highest minimum wage?

The finest places for those who make the minimum wage

Rank City Hourly minimum wage
1 Cleveland $9.30
2 Bakersfield $15.00
3 Detroit $9.87
4 Fresno $15.00

What will Michigan’s minimum wage be in 2025?

$10.33 as of the first of the year 2024. $10.56 as of the first of the year 2025. $10.80 as of the first of the year 2026.

What is the minimum wage for a 14 year old in Michigan?

Exemptions from the Michigan Minimum Wage Michigan Minimum Wage for Workers Under the Age of 20: $4.25 According to federal law, every business in the state of Michigan is required to pay a new employee who is under the age of 20 a training wage of $4.25 per hour for the first 90 days of employment.

Did minimum wage go up in Michigan?

Due to the widespread spread of the coronavirus, several businesses have been obliged to raise pay rates on their own initiative in order to retain and recruit employees. Beginning on January 1st, 2019, the hourly minimum wage in Michigan increased by 22 cents to $9.87. The minimum wage is set to grow by the state legislature on a yearly basis until it reaches $12.05 after ten years.

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