What Is Minnesota Abbreviation?

MN, which is an abbreviation that stands for Minnesota, is the Minnesota abbreviation that is used the most frequently. In the table that follows, you will find a list of all acronyms that pertain to the state of Minnesota. This list includes abbreviations for things like airports, cities, schools, ports, governments, and many more.

Abbreviations for the States Using Only Two Letters


They should be introduced within parentheses..

What does MN stand for?

Some Pen and Ink Drawings of Minnesota, the New England of the West Due to various experiences while traveling through the region in the summer of 1849. Page xii has a map drawn by E. S. Seymour.

What is the US state abbreviation for Michigan?

A List of the Abbreviations Used for US States Abbreviation for the State Name Used by USPS Traditional Abbreviation Michigan MI Mich. Minnesota MN Minn. Mississippi MS Missouri Mississippi MO Mo. 46 additional rows

How did the state of Minnesota get its name?

  1. The term ″Minnesota″ originates from the Dakota name for the Minnesota River, which was given its name by one of two Dakota phrases: ″mn sóta,″ which translates to ″clear blue water,″ or ″Mnssota,″ which translates to ″cloudy water.″ The river itself was named after either of these meanings.
  2. The Dakota people taught the early settlers how to pronounce the word by mixing milk and water and referring to the mixture as mn sóta.

What state abbreviation is mn?

Abbreviations Used for States and Territories

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State Standard Postal
Massachusetts Mass. MA
Michigan Mich. MI
Minnesota Minn. MN
Mississippi Miss. MS

Does MN stand for Minnesota?

A state located in the upper midwestern area of the United States, Minnesota (/mnsot/ (listen)) can be pronounced as mnsot.

USPS abbreviation MN
ISO 3166 code US-MN
Traditional abbreviation Minn.
Latitude 43° 30′ N to 49° 23′ N

What is the 2 letter code for Minnesota?


Colorado CO Minnesota
Connecticut CT Mississippi
Delaware DE Missouri
District of Columbia DC Montana

Is Minnesota a state?

The great state of Minnesota, one of the fifty states that make up the United States of America. On May 11, 1858, it was admitted to the union and became the 32nd state. Due to a little expansion of the state’s northern boundary, Minnesota is now the contiguous state in the United States that is located the farthest to the north.

What is mn known for?

  1. Lakes and woods may be Minnesota’s most famous natural features, but the state is also home to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.
  2. The Twin Cities are home to a significant number of Fortune 500 firms, the most notable of which being Best Buy, General Mills, Target, and Land ‘o Lakes.
  3. The United States’ most extensive shopping center is the Mall of America, which is located in Bloomington, Minnesota.

What are the 50 states abbreviations?

Examine the list that contains the postal abbreviations for all fifty states in the United States, as well as the conventional abbreviations for those states. A list of abbreviations for US states

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State Name USPS Abbreviation Traditional Abbreviation
Alabama AL Ala.
Alaska AK Alaska
Arizona AZ Ariz.
Arkansas AR Ark.

Is Minnesota a poor state?

Despite the fact that Minnesota has a lower percentage of individuals living in poverty than the norm for the United States, around one in eleven Minnesota residents and one in nine children in the state are affected by it. The state of Minnesota’s poverty level throughout time.

Year All Ages Children (under 18)
2012 11.4% 14.6%
2013 11.2% 14.0%
2014 11.5% 14.9%
2015 10.2% 13.1%

Is Minneapolis a city or state?

The city of Minneapolis is located in Hennepin County, in the southeast corner of Minnesota, in the United States. It is located at the junction of the Mississippi River and the Minnesota River, which marks the beginning of navigation on the Mississippi River. Because of its proximity to St.

Is Minnesota in Canada?

One of the fifty states that make up the United States, Minnesota may be found in the westernmost portion of the Great Lakes Region. The provinces of Ontario and Manitoba are located to the north of the region known as the ″Land of 10,000 Lakes,″ which also shares a border with the states of North Dakota and South Dakota, Iowa to the south, and Wisconsin to the southeast.

What is the common noun for Minnesota?

  1. Find out whether each noun is a proper noun or a common noun. A term that stands in for a specific person, location, or thing is called a noun.
  2. Determine if each proper noun should be treated as a singular or a plural.
  3. Check to see if the noun is part of a class that ordinarily begins its sentences with a comma or the
  4. Apply the same rules to the use of articles with acronyms and abbreviations as you would with nouns that are spelt out in full
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What state has the abbreviation MN?

Minnesota Mississippi Missouri AL AK AR CA AZ AL AK CO CT DE FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO Abbreviation for State Name USPS State Name USPS Abbreviation

What does Minnesota stand for?

In the field of military terms, what does MN stand for? What does the state’s name, Minnesota, refer to, and whence did it receive its moniker? Indeed, the state of Minnesota got its name from the Dakota (Sioux) term for the Minnesota River, which translates to ″Sky-Tinted Water.″ This word is a significant tributary of the Mississippi in the state of Minnesota.

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