What Is Missouri Area Code?

There are a total of six area codes in the state of Missouri, and they are as follows: 314, 636, 816, 660, and 573. About 7.9 million phone numbers are associated with each area code.

What area code is St Louis MO?

The area code 314 will now be used officially in Saint Louis, Missouri. Read more about the intricacies of area code 314 and other Missouri area codes in addition to the information on the area code for Saint Louis, Missouri. Saint Louis, Missouri falls under Saint Louis City County and is within the Central Time Zone because of its location.

How to find area codes in Missouri?

Area Codes in the State of Missouri The State of Missouri’s Area Codes – The list that follows contains all of the area codes for Missouri.When you click on an area code, a list of the cities that are contained inside that area code will appear.314 417 573 636 660 816.

Utilizing the Area Code Search, you can quickly locate area codes.In the search box below, enter a city and state to obtain a list of all the area codes that apply to that city.

What is the area code for Springfield Missouri?

The following is a list of area codes for use in the state of Missouri’s telephones. 314: St. Louis and a good number of the suburbs located in its surrounding vicinity 417: The southern one-fourth of the state of Missouri, which contains the cities of Springfield, Joplin, and Branson Eastern and southeastern Missouri, excluding the St. Louis metropolitan area 573

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What is the area code for Kansas City Missouri?

The metropolitan regions of Kansas City and St. Joseph, also known as area code 816. In 1947, the state of Missouri first had two different area codes: 314 and 816.

What city area code is 573?

Communities within the 573 area code include, but are not limited to, those located in Jefferson City, Columbia, Rolla, Cape Girardeau, Poplar Bluff, Sikeston, Mexico, Hannibal, Camdenton, Waynesville, Farmington, and Caruthersville. Additionally, this area code also serves Caruthersville.

What is Missouri’s new area code?

The North American Numbering Plan Administrator, often known as NANPA, and the Missouri Public Service Commission made the announcement on Tuesday that a new area code of 235 will be added on top of the existing area code of 573 in order to better serve the needs of customers in the area.

When did Missouri add 573 area code?

It was derived from area code 314 on January 7, 1996, when the two were separated. Columbia is the most populous city in the region and is known for being the location of the University of Missouri. NANPA made the announcement on June 17, 2022, that route 235 will begin superimposing 573 on March 24, 2024.

What city is area code 574?

The new area code 574 will be assigned to all telephone numbers in the north central region of Indiana, which will include the South Bend/Elkhart area.

What area code is 813?

Everyone living in the geographic region covered by the 813 area code. The counties of Pasco and Pinellas, as well as portions of Hillsborough County, are included in this region, which also contains the cities of Tampa and Plant City. When new customers joined up, they would be given phone numbers that included the new area code.

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What area code is 618?

The southern region of Illinois is home to the 618 Area Code, which includes the cities of Belleville, Granite City, and O’Fallon. There is no other area code that may be used to reach the area.

When did area code 510 start?

In 1991, the 415 area code was divided in two, giving rise to the creation of the new 510 area code.

What area code is 407 from?

The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) assigns the telephone area codes 407 and 689 to the region that includes the city of Orlando and the surrounding metropolitan area in the state of Florida, United States of America.The numbering plan area (NPA) encompasses a portion of Volusia County and Lake County, in addition to Orange County, Osceola County, and Seminole County in their entirety.

What area code is 563?

The majority of the Iowa side of the Quad Cities is included in the geographic coverage area of the 563 telephone area code, which covers the east central and northeastern corners of the state of Iowa. In 2001, the area code 563 was created by splitting from the area code 319. The area code 563 first became active on March 25, 2001, and then became required on December 2, 2001.

What area code is 513 from?

Cincinnati and a number of other communities in the surrounding region, including Hamilton, Middletown, Oxford, and Miamitown, are all included in the 513 area code.

What area code is 616?

Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan is included in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) with the area code of 616 as the area code. In addition to that, it encompasses Grand Haven, Greenville, and Holland. It encompasses the entirety of Kent and Ottawa counties, in addition to portions of the surrounding counties, such as the western and central regions of Ionia County.

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What area is 917 area code?

About the city of New York The 212 area code is associated with modern, high-rise office buildings in Manhattan, whereas the 917 area code is associated with more traditional, ″old school″ aspects of New York City. It provides service to all five of New York City’s boroughs, which means that it extends from The Bronx to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens Island, as well as Staten Island.

What area code is 316?

The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) assigns the number 316 as the telephone area code for the city of Wichita, Kansas, as well as the municipalities that are located in the immediate vicinity. This area code was once responsible for providing service to the entirety of southern Kansas and was one of the initial NANP area codes.

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