What Is New Hampshire Zip Code?

Officials have stated that anybody looking for the location through the VINI registration system can search the ZIP code 03307 or the town of Loudon in the state of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Zip Code List – 030 for the State of New Hampshire

Zip Code City County
03031 Amherst Hillsborough County
03032 Auburn Rockingham County
03033 Brookline Hillsborough County
03034 Candia Rockingham County

What is the ZIP code for Amherst NH?

List of New Hampshire Cities and Towns Along with Their Relative ZIP Codes 3031 Amherst City County Amherst 3032 Auburn Avenue, Hillsborough County, Florida 3033 Brookline Boulevard, Rockingham County The County of Hillsborough 3034 Candia The County of Rockingham 37 more rows

What is the ZIP code for Nashua NH?

List of the Postal Codes in New Hampshire Postal Code Postal Code Standard Type City 3057 STANDARD Standard Type Mount Vernon 3060 STANDARD Standard Type Nashua 3061 PO BOX Nashua 3062 STANDARD Nashua 40 more rows

What is the population of New Hampshire on the map?

There are an estimated 1,326,038 people living in the state of New Hampshire, which is located at 43.452492 degrees of latitude and -71.563896 degrees of longitude.What is New Hampshire referred to as informally?The state of New Hampshire is also sometimes referred to as the Granite State.Which city in New Hampshire serves as the state capital?Concord is the official capital of the state of New Hampshire.

How many post offices are there in New Hampshire?

There are 271 different post offices located across the state of New Hampshire. How many different area codes are there in the state of New Hampshire? There is just one area code in the state of New Hampshire.

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How many zip codes are in New Hampshire?

The state of New Hampshire currently makes use of 243 different zip codes.

What is 2 digit zip code?

What each individual number represents. The initial digit is used to denote a large region, with the number zero representing the Northeast and the number nine representing the extreme West. The next two numbers provide a code for a central post office facility located in that region. The final two numbers identify post offices or postal zones that are somewhat localized.

What is the US State zip code?

When looking for ZIP Codes, select the state first.

State ZIP Range
AL Alabama 35004 to 36925
AK Alaska 99501 to 99950
AZ Arizona 85001 to 86556
AR Arkansas 71601 to 72959

What is New Hampshire area code?

According to the North American Numbering Plan, the state of New Hampshire in the United States only has one area code, and that code is 603. (NANP).

Is 00000 a valid ZIP code?

According to the data collected by the state, persons who have identified themselves as living in Clearwater, Feather Sound, Baker County, Miramar Beach, Terra Verde, Jackson County, and St. Petersburg all call the 00000 zip code their home.

What is Amazon’s zip code?

City/Agency located inside the 98170 ZIP Code

State County City/Agency

Where is US ZIP Code 78110?

Postal Code 78110 – San Luis Potosí City

Primary City San Luis Potosí City
Local Time Saturday 10:00 AM
Timezone Central Daylight Time
Coordinates 22.189518632798585° / -100.99683577058221°
Related Postal Codes 78106, 78109, 78114, 78115, 78116, 78117
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How can I find a ZIP Code?

You may locate the zip code for an address, or even a portion of an address, by using the USPS Zip Code Lookup tool, which is located on the website of the United States Postal Service. There is also the option to search by city or state, or to discover all of the cities that are contained inside a specific zip code.

Do states have ZIP codes?

ZIP codes are assigned numbers, with the first number denoting a particular conglomeration of states within the United States. The second and third numbers in a group of states each signify an area within that group of states or, in certain situations, a major city.

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