What Is New York City’S Zip Code?

Manhattan, New York City, New York, New York City, New York, Empire State Building, General Post Office, Greeley Square, Macy’s Finance, When compared to the land area covered by other ZIP codes in the United States, the portion of New York state that the 10001 ZIP code is located in has a somewhat smaller than usual footprint.Additionally, it has a population density that is exceptionally high.The majority of individuals who call the 10001 ZIP code home are of the white race.

How many ZIP codes are in New York City?

Because it is such a vast city, New York, New York, has 145 different ZIP Codes, ranging from 10001 all the way up to 10299. The boroughs of Manhattan, the Bronx, and Richmond are all encompassed by these ZIP codes (Staten Island). Postal service is provided independently in each of the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.

What is the area code for New York State?

Knickerbocker. Standard. New York. New York County. Area Code 718. 10003. New York, New York County, and the 212 area code are considered to be the standard.

How many cities are there in New York?

There are a total of 1670 cities in the state of New York.What is the total number of counties in New York?There are 62 counties in all in the state of New York.How many post offices can be found in the city of New York?There are 669 post offices located in the state of New York.

How many different area codes does New York have?There are 15 different area codes in the state of New York.

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What is the ZIP code for the Bronx New York City?

10001 Manhattan 10451 Bronx 10002 Manhattan 10452 Bronx 10003 Manhattan 10453 Bronx 10004 Manhattan 10454 Bronx 10005 Manhattan 10455 Bronx 63 more rows of zip codes for New York City

How do I write a New York zip code?

If you do not know it, write either 10001 – the primary postal code of New York – or 11201 – the Brooklyn index. Your letter will be delivered to Brooklyn, and the postal workers will be redirected directly to the department you require, according to the address. If you do not know it, write either 10001 – the primary postal code of New York – or 11201 – the Brooklyn index.

How many zip codes are in NY NY?

The city of New York comprises roughly 0.56 percent of New York’s total land area, and our database has 214 zip codes for the city. The specifics of each zip code, including its proportion of New York’s total land area, are provided below in the next section.

What zip codes are in the New York metropolitan area?

  1. Fishers Island has the zip code 06390 and is part of the New York-Newark-Jersey City Metropolitan Area in New York.
  2. The area code for Chelsea and West Midtown is 10001
  3. Lower East Side, zip code 10002
  4. Greenwich Village, Union Square, Gramercy, and Flatiron are included in the 10003 zip code.
  5. Battery Park City is referred to as 10004, and
  6. (Financial District) zip code 10005
  7. 10006 (Financial District-Battery Park City)
  8. 10005 (Battery Park City)
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What is New York’s state code?

State FIPS Codes

Name Postal Code FIPS
New York NY 36
North Carolina NC 37
North Dakota ND 38
Ohio OH 39

How do ZIP Codes work in New York?

The first digit of a ZIP code is used to designate the state (New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware all share the ″1″ as the first digit), the second and third digits are used to designate the sectional center facility, and the fourth and fifth digits are used to designate a particular neighborhood within the city.

What is the richest zip code in New York city?

List of 25 Wealthiest Zipcodes in New York
Rank Zipcode County
1 11765 Nassau
2 10577 Westchester
3 10007 New York

Is New York city in New Jersey or New York?

The city with the most people and the greatest number of people from other countries is New York. Its metropolitan area include portions of the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut that are adjacent to it.

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