What Is The Area Code For Minnesota?

Within the state of Minnesota, the following is a list of area codes: The northern part of the state is covered by area code 218, which includes the The 320 area code serves the majority of the state’s center region, with the exception of the greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area. The 507 Area Code is located in the southeastern portion of the state.

Minnesota Area Codes

Area codes Selected cities
320 St.Cloud
507 Rochester, Mankato
612 Minneapolis
651 St. Paul

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How many area codes are there in Minnesota?

  • The state of Minnesota presently makes use of 7 different area codes.
  • In 1947, when AT&T and the Bell System initially launched their telephone service in Minnesota, area code 218 encompassed the majority of the state, except the southeastern section of the state, while area code 612 covered the southeastern half of the state, including Minneapolis.
  • The most recent addition, 763, occurred in the year 2000.

How to call Minnesota phone numbers?

To make a call to Minnesota, enter the following numbers into your phone: Exit Code + 1 + Area Code + The Number * Avoid dialing the addition sign (+) at all costs. You can now call the United States for only 1 cent per minute!

Where is a 612 area code?

The cities of Richfield, Fort Snelling, and St. Anthony are all included in the coverage area of the 612 area code, which is located in Hennepin County in the middle of Minnesota. St. Paul, the state capital, is just 10 miles away from Minneapolis, which is located 376 miles from Milwaukee and 458 miles from Chicago. Minneapolis is located close to the border with Wisconsin.

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Which country code is +1 763?

The telephone numbering plan code covering the northwestern suburbs of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, which include places such as Plymouth, Maple Grove, and Brooklyn Park, is 763. This area code is also known as the Plymouth Area Code.

What city is area code 616?

Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan is included in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) with the area code of 616 as the area code. In addition to that, it encompasses Grand Haven, Greenville, and Holland. It encompasses the entirety of Kent and Ottawa counties, in addition to portions of the counties that border it, such as the western and central areas of Ionia County.

What area code is 626 belong to?

The eastern portions of Los Angeles County are included in the 626 area code. This includes portions of the cities of Pasadena, Alhambra, El Monte, Covina, LaPuente, Baldwin Park, Azusa, Glendora, Monrovia, and Arcadia. The Los Angeles and Long Beach Metropolitan Statistical Areas both have the 626 area code as part of their boundaries (MSA).

Where is a 615 area code?

Franklin, Gallatin, Hendersonville, Lebanon, Murfreesboro, Nashville, and Springfield are some of the municipalities that are served by the 615 area code in Tennessee. This area code is mostly located in the state’s north-central region. The new area code 629 will service the same geographical region that the present area code 615 does, which is now covered by that area code.

Where is 701 area code in MN?

Numbering plan area 701 is one of a select few area codes that is split between two local area telephone areas (LATAs), specifically Bismarck and Fargo. The Fargo Land Area Trade Area (LATA) covers a significant portion of northern Minnesota and stretches as far east as Brainerd.

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What area code is 602 belong to?

Phoenix, Arizona, and more particularly Maricopa County, are both located within the 602 area code’s coverage region.

What area code is 765?

  • The portion of the state of Indiana that is located in the middle of the United States is served by the 765 telephone area code, which is part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP).
  • The area covered by the numbering plan is formed like a horseshoe and encompasses twenty counties in central Indiana.
  • The metropolitan area around Indianapolis, however, is covered by area codes 317 and 463, respectively.

What area code is 773?

Even though many numbers have been updated to reflect Chicago’s new 773 area code, all Chicago Police Department phone numbers (which have the prefixes 744, 745, 746, and 747) continue to use the 312 area code. This is true independent of the location of the various police stations in the city.

What area code is 714 in America?

Local Phone Numbers in Santa Ana, California with the 714 Area Code

What is Minnesota’s zip code?

Zip Codes in Minnesota 2022

Zip Code City County
55038 Hugo Washington County
55427 Minneapolis Hennepin County
55430 Minneapolis Hennepin County
55076 Inver Grove Heights Dakota County

What are the ZIP codes for Minnesota?

Map of the Minnesota ZIP codes and list of the Minnesota ZIP codes. Look for a zip code in Minnesota for free or browse all of the state’s zip codes.

What are the county police codes for Minnesota?

  1. 10-1 Having a Poor Receiving
  2. 10-2 Receiving Well
  3. 10-3 Stop Transmitting
  4. 10-4 Acknowledgment
  5. 10-4 Thank You
  6. 10-5 Relay
  7. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Busy, Will Call
  8. 10-7 Is No Longer In Service
  9. 10:08 in the Service
  10. 10:08
  11. 10-9 Repetition of the Message
  12. 10-10 Out/Service Subject To Call
  13. 10-10 Out Of Stock
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What is the postal code for Minnesota?

The following is a list of zip codes for the state of Minnesota, along with their corresponding cities and counties: 55123: Saint Paul; Dakota; 55124: Saint Paul; Dakota; 55125: Saint Paul; Washington

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