What Is The Average Temperature In Montana?

The yearly average temperature of Montana is 2.7 degrees Celsius, which equates to 36.8 degrees Fahrenheit. The average annual precipitation totals around 1455 millimeters or 57.3 inches.

What is the weather like in Montana year round?

Climate and Typical Weather Throughout the Entire Year in Montana City Montana, in the United States of America Winters in Montana City are very cold, snowy, and partially overcast, whereas the summers are relatively brief, pleasant, and clear most of the time.Temperatures as low as -8 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 94 degrees Fahrenheit are extremely uncommon during the course of a year.The average temperature range is between 12 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the warmest month in Montana?

The months of July, August, and subsequently June are the warmest ones to visit Montana if you’re seeking for the most warmest time to go there.See the monthly average temperatures listed below.Midway through the month of July is often the warmest time of the year, with highs typically hovering around 86.5 degrees Fahrenheit (30.3 degrees Celsius) and temperatures seldom falling below 52.6 degrees Fahrenheit (11.4 degrees Celsius) at night.

What are the average monthly temperatures in Montana?

Average Temperatures for Billings

Month Low High
Feb 20.1°F 39.5°F
Mar 26.4°F 47.6°F
Apr 34.7°F 57.5°F
May 44.0°F 67.4°F

What’s the average temperatures in Montana?

2015 and 1934 share the title of ″hottest year on record″ thanks to an annual average temperature of 44.9 degrees Fahrenheit, which is 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit higher than the long-term normal. Because of its high average elevation and dry air, Montana has a limited number of warm nighttime temperatures.

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Is it expensive to live in Montana?

The annual cost of living averages out to 42,310 dollars in Montana. When it comes to the overall cost of living, the figures collected by MERIC during the third quarter of 2021 place Montana in the thirty-first position. This indicates that the cost of living in Montana is higher than it is in the majority of the country.

Is Montana a good state to live in?

Great Places to Raise a Family Can Be Found Throughout Montana.Although it is not one of the most populated states, Montana is home to not one but two cities that have made it into Livability’s list of the Top 100 Best Places to Live in 2018.Bozeman, which is home to Montana State University, is listed as the 96th best college town in the country, while Missoula, which is home to the University of Montana, is ranked as the 59th best college town in the country.

Is Montana dry or humid?

Oh, The Relentless Humidity. Which state has the highest average annual humidity?

State Average RH Dew Point Rank
Montana 60.4% 45
North Carolina 70.6% 10
North Dakota 70.9% 41
Nebraska 65.8% 34

What is it like living in Montana?

The winters of Montana are notorious for their very low temperatures and wild fluctuations in the weather. Between November and March, Montana’s temperature varies between 50 degrees above zero and 50 degrees below zero. If you are relocating to Montana, it is imperative that you pack a winter survival kit into your vehicle and dress appropriately for the climate.

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Does it snow a lot in Montana?

In Montana, the Rocky Mountains in the western half of the state receive an average annual snowfall of up to 300 inches (25 feet), while the eastern half of the state receives as little as 20 inches. The majority of the nation’s bigger cities receive between 30 and 50 inches of snow per year on average.

What is the coldest state in the US?

The state with the coldest climate in the United States is Alaska.During the winter months, the temperature in Alaska can drop to as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit (-34 degrees Celsius) from its average of 28.1 degrees Fahrenheit (-2.7 degrees Celsius).The Fairbanks region is known for having both some of the warmest and coldest weather in the state, with summertime highs reaching up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and wintertime lows hovering around -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Does Montana have four seasons?

Because it is located in both the Northern and Western hemispheres, Great Falls, Montana experiences all four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Snowfall from September through May is typical in Great Falls, Montana; however, the months of November through April are when the greatest snow accumulates.

How are Montana winters?

The harsh and protracted nature of Montana’s winters may make this season feel like it lasts forever.Blizzards may drop several inches of snow in a short period of time, which can cause roads, trails, and mountain passes to be closed for numerous days.Snow and wind storms occur often.The whole state has its lowest average temperatures, the most snowfall, and the most ice accumulation during the month of January.

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What city in Montana has the best weather year round?

  1. Where in the State of Montana is the Weather the Nicest? The climate of Billings is superior than that of the rest of Montana.
  2. The yearly rainfall in Billings, Montana, is just 14 inches, which is barely 27 percent of the average annual rainfall across the country of 38 inches.
  3. During the summer months, the temperature in Billings, Montana, may fluctuate anywhere from 60 degrees to a high of 90 degrees Fahrenheit on an average day.

What is summer like in Montana?

Summertime high temperatures typically hover around the 80s, but we can have rare heat waves.Temperatures in the high 90s are categorized as warm, although temperatures in the low 100s are quite unusual but not unheard of.The month of September is a time of change.This is a dry month, and the average daily temperatures are fairly comfortable, with highs ranging from the mid 80s to the 70s.

What’s the best place to live in Montana?

  1. These are the ten best cities in Montana to call home, according to Bozeman.
  2. Dillon.
  3. The Four Corners
  4. East Helena.
  5. Helena.
  6. Livingston.
  7. Missoula.
  8. Whitefish. Whitefish, which is a resort town, is one of the most frequented vacation spots in all of Montana because of its proximity to Glacier National Park.

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